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06-30-2010 1:35 PM

01 xstar ballast problem
I replaced the factory center sac with the fly high tube sac, but for some reason when the sac is full water will flow out through the intake tube when I start and stop. Is there a part I can buy to stop the water from flowing back out or will I have to just keep filling it up every once in a while?

Also, I am looking to replace the two hard tanks in the rear and noticed that the outtake pumps are connected right to the tanks (no tubing b/t). If I were to replace with two 400lb fly high sacs what parts would I need to connect the pumps to the bag.

(I have contacted wakemakers, but have yet to get a response)


spencerwm 06-30-2010 11:15 PM

You should be able to use a check valve on the fill line in order to stop the water from flowing back out.

Once you remove the hard tanks check and see how much space you have. From what I remember you should be able to use the Fly High 750lb. Fat Sacs (50" x 20" x 20") back there to optimize your space.

Sounds like you have an aerator pump system. If the drain pump that is connected to the hard tank has a 3/4" threaded inlet you might be able to use the 3/4" Flow-Rite > Attwood Tsunami 800 Pump Adapter. We can get you taken care of what ever the thread pattern may be.


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