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perfski 06-28-2010 8:50 PM

Stop 4 of the Gravel Tour This Saturday @ OWC
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NOVICE: No Inverted Tricks (where board goes above your head)

GROM: Under 9 years old as of the first event - No inverts

BOYS: 10 - 13 All Skill Levels

GIRLS 10 - 13 All Skill Levels

WAKESKATE: All Levels Behind Boat

INTERMEDIATE: 2 or Less Inverted Tricks*

WOMENS: Over 13 All Skill Levels

ADVANCED 5 or Less Inverted Tricks*

OUTLAW: 6 or More Inverted Tricks*

* An inverted trick is considered any trick where the board goes above your head and you successfully land it holding the handle. You can repeat any trick as many times as you want and it will only be considered one invert. However if you grab, alter the trick it will be considered a different invert. If you have questions on this please ask it at the riders meeting.

NOVICE / GROM Divisions: Correct Craft 216 V Gravel Tour Edition

All Other Divisions: Correct Craft 230 Team Edition

Boats provided with the help of Correct Craft and Nautiques of Orlando

Event Director: Bill Porter

Judges: Danny Kennedy, Fred Rabe, Brad Smith, Jim Powers, Joey Losson

Registration: Danielle Holt

Head Driver: Travis Moye (www.theboardingschool.com)

Announcer Mike Connor, Jim Powers and “a cast of others”

EMT: David Soria

Support Crew: Randy Hollihan, Tim Jeffries, John Worcester & Family and many more!

Thursday July 1st, 2010 :

9:00 PM Pre-Registration Ends For Stop 3

Saturday July 3rd, 2010:

8:00 - 9:00 AM: Late Registration / On-Site Registration & Rider Check In

9:00 AM: Rider Meeting - Discuss Event Format - Question & Answer Session

9:15 AM: Event starts with the NOVICE DIVISION followed by GROM, BOYS,



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