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forensic_scientist 06-28-2010 5:35 PM

Wetsounds tower speakers and attachments
I am looking at a pair of wetsounds Pro 60s that are for sale on our local Craigslist. I have a 2007 Mastercraft tower and I know his Pro 60s are NOT on a MC boat. As far as mounting hardware, is it possible to get MC mounting hardware for the speaker and then install them on my tower? The Wetsounds site lists the Pro 60 and a Pro 60 MC for the Mastercraft. Does anyone know if this is an easy mounting swap?



ajholt7 06-28-2010 6:17 PM

Post this in the boats section. You will get more response.

06-30-2010 5:07 PM

yes it is. email or call wet sounds or earmark marine. great customer service for both.

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