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Shooter 06-27-2010 9:29 PM

With all the recent talk of speed volume control, I just wanted to recommend the Adaptunes app for Iphone. Another WW suggested it on another post. I gave it a try today and it works great! It adjusted the volume of my playlists or Pandora while in the glove box. I even checked my PP speed with Adaptunes and found it was about 1 MPH off. The best part is that it only cost me 99 cents.

liljohn 06-28-2010 7:38 AM

sure would be nice if they made that app for android! some of us Iphone haters would be happy..

Chuch 06-28-2010 7:53 AM

wow man. had no idea.

helinut 06-28-2010 12:08 PM

Been running it for a year. It rocks! Love it on my boat. You need to keep it plugged in to the power, but other than that it's a cheap way to do it.

camassanger 07-01-2010 1:11 PM

This is freakin awesome! Now I gotta figure out if I can make it work with my USB connect Sony HU.

flattirenotube 07-01-2010 1:16 PM


Unfortunately I think that it only works through the headphone jack, I'm pretty sure you cant use it through the usb connection, but if you find a way please let us know. I have been singing Adaptunes praises for a while now, works great for .99 purchase.

camassanger 07-01-2010 5:01 PM

Patrick, I think I could probably use my head unit connection via USB to charge the phone, then use a headphone type connector male-male to output music from the phone to the WS420 aux input (or HU aux). That way, phone gets power and music is controlled via Adaptunes. Need to try it tho, still at work :-)

wakemikey 07-02-2010 12:31 PM

Does the data port / IS75 peripheral connection work with this?? I still would never use the headphones jack on my tower speakers without any EQ / level peak protection that the data port provides.

camassanger 07-02-2010 1:01 PM

I was going to go headphone jack to aux input on the Wetsounds WS420... Hit switch on front of WS420 to enable the AUX audio stream (disable HU, but continue to power iPhone).

Need to get the boat out to try it though

07-02-2010 10:26 PM

how do you get music on it. i went to the ipod part of the phone and back a number of times and it said no music loaded.

Shooter 07-02-2010 11:49 PM


You need to load music or playlists to the phone from your computer. Choose the phone music tab when syncing to ITunes. You will need to select what music you want to share with your Iphone. Once you have music installed, (S or G4 Iphones) the new OS4 will allow you to run Adaptunes while playing music or Pandora. Any sound that is played through the headphone jack should be adjusted. If you have the 3G iphone, I think you will need to use the "playlist" icon in Adaptunes to choose what music you want to play.

It would be great if this would work through the data port, but I dont think Apple would ever allow that kind of access by a second party app. You should have no problem charging while using the headphone jack.

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