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wakeboardern1 06-27-2010 7:52 PM

Time for a new board
So, I've had my 08 Watson since March of 08, and I keep hearing that boards lose their pop as the core weakens over time. Would you say that a 2-1/2 year old board that was used pretty frequently it's first year, and nearly every day of it's second year, as well as very, very frequently (but not quite every day) of this season would start to be showing signs of age? Would it be worthwhile to swap it out for a Watson Classic, or should I stick with it. I just can't be sure if part of my lack of pop is because of my technique, or because the board's core has gotten soft (I'm a pretty big dude to, 6'6" 220ish) and that board has taken a pretty good beating over the years. I mean I know I have some bad habits that lead to less than ideal pop, but what are the chances that a semi-old, well used board happens to be part of that problem?

cwb4me 06-27-2010 7:57 PM

what size is the board?

wakeboardern1 06-27-2010 8:57 PM

it's a 142

ridetillurdead26 06-28-2010 12:18 AM

It wouldn't hurt to replace the board. I replace my board every season or two weather or not I have snapped it or otherwise damaged it. I don't like when my boards start to feel sloppy.
Your technique may not be perfect, and that is something that you should continue to work on. I say if you have the cash to get a new board, and you feel you have done your old board justice, go for it!

ralph 06-28-2010 1:30 AM

Ehhh, I'm a ride it till you break it kind of guy. If you really want a new board then you need to go out and smash double ups until you earn a new board.

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