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bogartsomeday 06-26-2010 3:44 PM

2011 Marius setup (Video)
So i was watching these Roswell clips and happened to stumble across this vid of Trevor at a comp. A couple good shots of what looks like his new boot and board for next year. Check it-\


wakerider111 06-26-2010 11:23 PM

nice find, thanks for posting. love sneak peaks

lots of color stripes on the bottom of the board and matching colors on the boot interiors

from what i can tell it looks like two bolt-on fins on each end instead of one. the tip and tail dish-outs on the top is different and it looks like it still has a double center spine and the v in the tips and tails. i also noticed that the fins use the two bolt instead of single bolt attachment method. bet there is multiple holes for adjustments in the fins maybe

bogartsomeday 06-27-2010 12:36 AM

ya the graphics are def sick! The boots are slightly strange but maybe its just one of those things that "grows on you". The board is so sick though, has a little bit narrower tip and tail while seemingly has the same top shape. Tough to see the bottom shape. But ya i love seeing the sneak peaks too! So far we got a sneak peak on watsons boots, cant really see his board. And a sneak peak on the Marius setup. Kinda hope to see more 2011 peaks! I only care to see some peaks of ronix, LF, and CWB lol. Maybe some Company would be cool too. But who knows which companies have already dished out some 2011 to their riders and rockin it all. I love not having to wait til next summer to see the gear!!!

benjaminp 06-27-2010 11:38 AM

I'm liking what I see. Usually not the biggest fan of CWB but this setup is looking good, hopefully the follow suit with the entire line. On an unrelated note, double flip in competition, ya Trevor.

wakerider111 06-27-2010 4:24 PM

also seen jimmy's new board for hyperlite. small vid footage of the hyperlite boots "the system is coming." slingshot probabilities for new mounting. but i think the first thing that popped up was Sean Obrien's new board- some sort of board with more flex that looks to be made with the sandwich construction

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