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dmorrison22 06-24-2010 4:02 PM

SAN 230 Wake vs. a SAN 210 wake?
Which is better? I have ridden a 210, really liked it, so what is the word on the 230? I really want to give it a try and see what it's all about.

Any pics? First hand experience?

liquidmx 06-24-2010 5:04 PM

I had the pleasure to ride behind a 230 that was AMAZING!!! It was Murray's boat and the wake was ridiculously fun. I do not know the specifics on his setup but it wasnt so heavy that it struggled getting on plane. Its by far the best wake I have ridden to date (including X-stars, VLX's, 210's, etc...all heavily weighted).

dmorrison22 06-24-2010 5:29 PM

Better than an X-star and VLX? Wow. Just huge and more vert? Like a bigger version of the 210? Or was it wider? I appreciate the info.

kyle_L 06-24-2010 8:23 PM

It's apparently the best thing since Pizza Hut Apple and spice dessert pizza...or sliced bread :)

superair502 06-24-2010 8:38 PM

If you are comparing it to an older 210 like the 2000-2006 models the 230 wake has slightly more transition and is just slightly wider. I have a 210 myself and I would say the 230 is pretty similar but has more transition and is alot meatier than the 210 if that makes sense. Best wake I have ever ridden

Luker 06-25-2010 7:16 AM

I regularly ride both wakes.

210: Firm, wide, nice transitions, forgiving landings, can be big but not huge, amazing wake

230: Hard, not as wide as the 210, less tranny and more vert, not as forgiving on the landings, HUGE pop because the wake is harder and bigger than the 210.

After you get the massive pop dialed in, the 230 is the best wake out there.

chattwake 06-25-2010 7:18 AM

I've owned 3 230's. Several of my close friends have or have owned 2008 210's - including Danial Walden who routinely slammed the hell out of his old 210). Also, my friend Craig owns the local cc dealership herein Chattanooga, and I've taken out his 2010 210 several times.
I'd say that I have pretty substantial experience with both wakes.

Here are my impressions:
1. The 210 wake is much easier to dial in. Unless you know where to put the weight in a 230, the wake can get washy or the boat canl porpoise. When I add weight to my 2010 230, I put a bow triangle sack in the nose, 2 750's in the rear hatches, and fill the factory ballast (cc added an additional 400lbs of belly ballast in the 2010 230).

2. When weighted, the 210 wake stays cleaner in chop or wind. I've noticed that my 230 wake with additional ballast washes a bit if the water is not calm. If the conditions are good, and the boat is weighted correctly, the 230 wake reminds me of my old x1 wake on steroids.

3. I find that the 230 wake is a bit wider than the 210 wake. the 230 wake, when loaded, is slightly "meater" or harder than the 210 wake.

4. The wake behind the 230 can get somewhat bigger than the 210's, but you have to run a lot of ballast. The guys at the local cc dealership rode with J.D. this summer and told me he was putting like 7k lbs of ballast in his 230.

Ultimately, I don't think that the wake behind the 230 is per se better than that behind the 210. Both boats produce an awesome wake. The 230 wake may have a bit more potential for size, but its important to have good conditions and a lot of ballast.

If you're deciding between a 210 and a 230, your main concern should be whether or not you need the extra room. After having owned 3 230's, I simply could not be happy with a 210. However, I have a wife, kid, and friends that ride, so my boat's always overflowing with people, jackets, toys, beer, boards, fat sacs, etc....

srock 06-25-2010 8:07 AM

Maybe someone can chime in but if you do anything other than surf or wakeboard, the 210 may be the better choice.

liquidmx 06-25-2010 8:53 AM

Dave, I agree with what's been said, 210 on roids with more transition. I have not ridden one in rough waters so I have no experience in that arena.

Yes IMHO its better than my VLX and the others I have ridden, as well as the X-stars etc. I have ridden. Again I have no clue what the weight setup was in Murray's boat but I would imagine it would be somewhere in the arena of JD's setup. One of the common things people need to ask themselves is whether or not people will be riding with that kind of weight and if they need it. I would definitely suggest demo-ing if you are really serious. Heck considering how much they cost I would fly down to Florida for a camp and see what setups they are running and how you like them. Get the scoop from the inside...the people that use them daily.

kyle_L 06-25-2010 4:29 PM

for those that have made the comparisons, are you talking about the old hull 210 or the new hull 210? it sounds like you are talking about the old 210 but obviously that's impossible to predict.

Tim, the old 210 (which is what I have) is probably the worst out of the top wake boats for surfing especially if you are left foot forward and want to surf on your toes. the surf wake on the other side (toeside for right foot forward) is better but mainly just based on the size of the boat, it doesn't pump much of a quality surf wake. unfortunately I have a friend who actually enjoys wakesurfing and have had to reweight the boat on a glassy day so he could take a surf set and the wake was still sucky even in good conditions. otherwise, the rule of the road is basically only surfing if the lake is blown out or
chopped up. I hate running my engine at those rpm just burning gas down the entire lake.

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