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rmdanie 06-24-2010 8:37 AM

2002 Supra Water in Transmission Oil
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Hi WW. I have not posted in quite a while but I have a question. I checked my transmission fluid yesterday and found out I have the strawberry milkshake. Naturally my mind goes straight to winterization and thinking ice might have busted up my transmission cooler. So this morning, we tested the transmission cooler with air pressure. You can see in the picture that we applied air to the oil inlet and had a pressure gauge on the oil outlet. Then we filled the raw water tubes with soapy water expecting bubbles. We put 80lb of pressure on it and to our surprise saw no bubbles.

So now I am baffled. I have transmission oil in the bilge area. Enough that it coated my hand when I was messing with the bilge pump yesterday. Obviously that is what led me to check the transmission fluid.

My next step is to repeat the drain, refill, run engine process until I have clear oil. I simply do not understand how any water could have entered the transmission if the transmission cooler is ok. I have not submerged the boat and really can't remember exposing that area to much more than a spray of water for cleaning purposes. It was not just a little water in the trans oil, The entire 1.5 quarts I drained was whitish pinkish milky colored.

Water in transmission oil
Transmission oil in bilge area
Transmission Cooler is air tight
Don't think breather has been exposed to water

Any thoughts?

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