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Melissa 06-24-2010 4:17 AM

Just saying hi...
Hey girls! I'm new here, and I'm glad to finally meet other girls who ride, since I am the only girl on my lake that wakeboards. I hope that changes soon though! So anyway, hello! :p

lizrd 06-24-2010 5:57 AM

Hi Melissa - Welcome! You will find that us girls who are crazy about wakeboarding stick together and have a lot of fun. Like you I think I am the only girl on my lake who wakeboards - nothing wrong with that! What kind of board are you riding?

Melissa 06-24-2010 6:32 AM

Hi Lizrd!!

Currently I am riding a 2005 Blindside Flower 132, but am looking to upgrade. I'm stuck between the CWB Lotus and Sapphire, but I'm considering other boards as well. There's just too many to choose from! Haha!

Right now, the lake we ride is very choppy - we have a lot of tubers and jet skiers, and a constant breeze that rips all day until dusk. It's like riding on the ocean. So I am trying to find a board that handles chop well. I'd love suggestions! ;-)

I wish more girls (locally) would get into it. Recently we just started seeing more boarders on the lake, so that's good. I love watching people ride.

polhamus 06-24-2010 8:18 AM

That wind chop will only make you a better rider in those conditions. any board will handle chop well if you keep the fins in! I am riding the LF Jett, love it! CWB is also a great board, that is what I first learned on. Sapphire will take your riding to the next level it is an INt/adv board!

megsswm 06-24-2010 10:46 AM

Hey Melissa!

I just upgraded boards to the CWB Pure and I love it! It is really responsive and very forgiving, especially in chop. I got some liquid force bindings for the board that have also worked out great. The graphics on the board are really clean//mostly simple black and white which makes it less trendy. I have always had good luck with CWB.


pianoftw 06-24-2010 11:59 AM

Hey Melissa! Welcome to Wakeworld!

I ride the 2008 Ronix Coy, which has no middle fins, so I would not recommend that for your choppy water conditions. But my friend has the LF Jett and I love riding that when the water gets a little crazy.


cwb4me 06-27-2010 6:52 PM

hey melissa my wife rides the lf jett .i am trying to switch her to the cwb marius,they have a 134 model . i ride the 140. this board to me is very stable and good in chop . we took my nephew and his best friend and girlfriend out the guys rode my board and they liked it .jordan rode my wifes jett. it was her 1st time wakeboarding. we got her up and had her crossing the wakes after 2 pulls. my wife teaches the girls the right body position and how to hold the handle when getting out the water.the women seem to relate better to one another. the guys , well we just don't listen cause we know it all.LOL I would recomend the L F JETT for any level as thats the only board my wife will ride and she never even rode until she was in her 40's [oops]. hope thi helps.

Melissa 06-29-2010 5:33 AM

I've been looking at the Jett, actually! =) Like I said, there's just so many boards to choose from, and I've been doing the research. Unfortunately we don't have a board shop near us that demos, so we sort of rely on reviews, which can be tough.

So thanks for letting me know about the Jett! ;-)

Freedafurface 07-02-2010 9:04 PM

Hello Ladies
I used to be the only woman rider but I have converted about 9 ladies to wake weasels now. We ride at two different lakes. I use a liquid Force Angel now But I have used several other types and love just about everyone of them that was light. I do love the brand new 2010 Melissa Bindings. They make every board feel great. IF you want a loose board take the fins off a Skyla...I dont care for the graphics but it is fun.
We sometimes break it up with wake skating and wake surfing also a lot of fun! If you get a chance. Too bad there is no wakeboard park next to you, they usually let you try out boards.

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