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06-22-2010 3:52 PM

Colorado...this girl needs to ride!!!
Hey everyone! I'm 26, used to wakeboard a bunch but haven't ridden in a few years. I don't have a board anymore, but have the itch to get back on the water! If anyone has a boat...maybe a smaller board to ride...i'de love to come, and will bring whatever I can :) Weekdays are better, but weekends can work as well. Let me know!

Shoot me an email JECornell6@gmail.com and let me know when you're going out!

06-22-2010 5:49 PM

Trust me you aren't going to have a problem finding someone to take you! ;)

Grahamy 06-22-2010 8:46 PM

Hey Joan, I have some friends that ride at stanley lake, sloans and horsetooth, you are totally welcome to come. I'm always up for meeting fellow girl riders, you can always use my board. My number is 303-931-2752, thanks! Yuki

06-22-2010 9:10 PM

hey! well get a hold of me next time you plan on going out!


06-23-2010 12:27 PM

Hey everyone, I also recently moved to Colorado and am really itchin to ride. Can always pitch on gas! My number is 224-535-1516

tfitz 06-25-2010 8:32 PM

Were always looking for people to get on the water. We need a 3rd Monday & Tuesday Tony 3039160969

cjh1669 06-25-2010 9:46 PM

We have a group that meets at standley every Fri evening, join the standley lake riders group and send one of us a message

mjb929rr 06-28-2010 7:18 PM

Planning to ride Chatfield on Friday July 2nd for whoever is interested. Matt 719-464-5938

jude 06-28-2010 9:25 PM

Heya- I can pitch in for gas, ride mornings/weekdays, and itching to get out on the water. Shoot me an email if you need a third and might have a smaller board, jude365@hotmail.com.

steve_jones 07-04-2010 6:56 PM

I have the whole week off (except Weds) to ride. Sooooo very stoked to ride a bunch this week so come on out if you are needing to get your fix!! We'll either be up in Longmont at the private lake in the afternoons with a VLX or on Standley in the am's on the X-Star or another VLX. (If the moon aligns with Venus this week, we'll also have the new VLX in for the camp.) It's so pretty....Yippie!!

Also if anyone wants tickets for the Pro Wakeboard Tour stop on July 23-24, hit me up privately. I know a guy who begged and pleaded for extra tickets!!

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