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justin_1933 06-21-2010 11:34 AM

Renting a PWC in So Cal/Central Cal/Bass Lake
Anybody know of any decent places or private owners that rent PWC in So Cal/Central CA.

I am looking to rent a PWC for two weeks during our families trip to Bass Lake. The places on the lake charge way to much, so I am looking to see if there are other options.


acurtis_ttu 06-21-2010 12:01 PM

check craigslist.

jarrod 06-21-2010 12:37 PM

One thing you might consider.....The guy at bass lake water sports is going to charge you everytime you use the ramp, in, and out. Then he's going to rape you for $50 a day as soon as you expect to tie up your PWC to a boat slip when you want to come in and rest. The lake is going to charge you something like 50$ for an annual permit just to get your PWC on the water. In the end, it might make more sense for him to rent you a PWC so that you're not paying for launching, pulling out, and tying up.

justin_1933 06-22-2010 4:14 PM

I have been searching CL and will continue to. I have been going to Bass before I was even born, so I know all about the boat launches/etc. I always use the free launch over by the damn (since we spend the first week camping right next to Miller's, and the second week in a house). There won't be a need to pull it in and out everyday, since I can attach it to my boat or the dock spot we have the second week. I would a place down here in So Cal that will rent it for $1300 for the two weeks. Not bad, but a bit over budget.

Thanks for the advise, and hope to get more

chadgreg 06-23-2010 1:20 PM

I hate jet skis but I saw this on CL

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