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westsiderippa 06-20-2010 12:29 AM

pimped my YZ!!!
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those of you that ride with me have seen my graphics but i forgot to post up a few pics.

if any of you are interested, these were made by rub it enterprises, they are a ruff griptape type decal. they are very thick and durable. they last a lot longer than the glossy backgrounds and provide grip

jarrod 06-20-2010 12:52 PM

I like

blake_hughes 06-20-2010 7:11 PM

I thought I'd ask why there wasn't a 'WakeWorld' logo on the rear fender... Then I saw your guard dog.

westsiderippa 06-20-2010 7:30 PM

LOL, i thought about that too. next time for sure. as for the guard do, well be prepared to be licked to death.

brianmiller 06-23-2010 10:15 PM

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Here is a little wakeworld love. Mine are the Dirt DNA. They are pretty good, but wearing out some around the front shrouds.

westsiderippa 06-23-2010 11:25 PM

sick B. i like it!!!

jarrod 06-24-2010 2:19 PM

Nice Brian!

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