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andrew_moreton 06-19-2010 12:10 AM

Storing Videos on a Mac
Just got a GoPro and have a Flip and am getting into taking videos. I have a new Mac Book Pro and have some questions about storing the videos on my hard drive. When I plug either video camera into my computer, iPhoto pops open automatically and wants to store them in iPhoto. Then if I use iMovieHD (don't have Final Cut yet), it wants to import them directly into a working project. Should I do either of these, or should I just store the files in a folder to start and then when I work with iMovie, move them from that folder? Does that store them twice and take up double the hard drive space? Sorry for the stupid questions, any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

cali_rider 06-20-2010 3:16 PM

I would disable iphoto asking to import for starters, it will be a headache later. I am almost sure imovie will import and convert your files for you, either Flipcam or GoPro. That might be you best route. Another idea is to get a small external hard drive and store all your video files on that, which is more idea to be editing any video format. Make sure to get a drive that is 7200rpm, most laptops come with a 5200rpm. 7200rpm is more ideal for video.

On another note, keeping your media completely separate from imovie might be ideal and just import it separately so when you do upgrade to FCE it will be a better transition, instead of digging throu imovie folders.

hope that helps

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