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MattieK27 06-17-2010 2:43 PM

New Nautique 200 V-Drive?
I know this is a wakeboarding site, and most here have boats built specifically for wakeboarding. Some of us (or maybe its just me, :) ) though are looking for more of a crossover boat, and dont have the space to handle a 21'+ boat.

I read on PlanetNautique today that CC is testing a v-drive configuration of their new Nautique 200. I would be interested in one, if the rumors are true. I was curious if anyone else has heard anything about a possible 200 v-drive.


polarbill 06-17-2010 3:04 PM

sounds like a competitor for the X14v or whatever mastercraft calls it although the X14v is longer it is designed to be a slalom first vdrive I believe, which is what a 200v nautique would be.

nicvtx1994 06-17-2010 7:54 PM

wakesetter vtx on the cut diamond hull. perfect crossover at 20'

MattieK27 06-20-2010 8:50 AM


Originally Posted by nicvtx1994 (Post 1598701)
wakesetter vtx on the cut diamond hull. perfect crossover at 20'

Im not a huge fan of the Wakesetter boats, I guess I am too old and prefer clean lines. :)

Just to clarify, I am in now way knocking Malibu. Between them, Mastercraft, or Nautique, you cannot go wrong. Just stating my preference.

For anyone interested, apparently this boat is a definate, and will be out soon.

kstateskier 06-20-2010 8:29 PM

How is the Malibu not a clean line boat? It's one of the best looking boats out there IMO. The 200 is ugly! I guess that's why they are opinions....

behindtheboat 06-21-2010 6:23 AM

great. another try and create the market rather than cater to the market

MattieK27 06-21-2010 7:09 AM


Originally Posted by behindtheboat (Post 1599549)
great. another try and create the market rather than cater to the market


It caters to my wants, a small boat in a v-drive config that I can use for slalom and wake boarding.

behindtheboat 06-21-2010 12:28 PM

Good for you. I think you are a rarity though in the people that will actually purchase boats new in the upcoming years. The 214V had dumb seating arrangement, so maybe this will be a different story.

The 200 is meant for skiers. Skiers don't dig V-drives. Families dig V-drives. Families steer to larger boats.

Why does a V-drive cater to you more than a direct drive? (On a side note, I am unique in that I disagree on V-drives having more room. Sure, they have an open middle, and a pad on the back, however that pad "get's in the way" just as much as a motor box on a DD. I am odd in that I'd rather have people spread out rather than everyone's leg's touching with all that "space" in a v drive)

kstateskier 06-21-2010 12:35 PM

Crossover = not good at anything

ridetige 06-21-2010 1:25 PM

Tige' has a 20V

ldr 06-21-2010 5:27 PM

I think the 20' boats are all comming out due to people wanting to keep their boats in the garage and garages on new homes getting smaller as well as length restrictions on some lakes. Most of the new 20' boats also maximize interior space. Go look at one of the MB Widebodies and it seems to have more interior space than my parents x star.

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