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valsurfer 06-17-2010 11:42 AM

Need to Surf
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OMG need to wakesurf this weekend think we r goin sunday need to ride and get some new photos this is 1 of the best photos i have takin of Alec from last summer.I havnt been able to go out much so far this season Hit my up nor calif wakesurfers got camera will traval will b the best photos u can get lol Alec and i r ready 2 ride :eek:

mdaijogo 06-17-2010 1:01 PM

I like the sticker under the board. Very cool.


tonyv420 06-17-2010 2:31 PM

great shot ! you all comin up in Aug. for the Comp on Lake Sam ?

tonyv420 06-17-2010 2:32 PM

and where can I get a sticker like that ?

valsurfer 06-17-2010 6:22 PM

that sticker is a company Alec rides for he could get u 1.And i think Alec & Daryl r coming up N Aug i wish i could but work a seasonal job in the summer and off all winter would love to come up i am goin to miss the World Wakesurfing comp 2 & would love to do the photos 4 the event again

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