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columbiatch 08-11-2003 12:06 PM

So I've built several protypes now and I'm getting close to producing a final product. So I wanted to ask, what does everyone want from a wakeskate. <BR> <BR>-I know most people really like concave skates, so I'm working on making a very very affordable concave (I'm sure I can beat hyperlite's price of $300). <BR>-I like grip tape, so that's def what I'm starting with. I'm still looking for a cheap foam top. <BR>-2 fins? 3 fins? 4 fins? no fins? <BR>-size? I'll probably only be able to start with 2 diferent sizes. What do you think would be the best? <BR>-Channels on the board? <BR>-What about fiberglass? I may invest some time and effort into making a few fiberglass boards. <BR> <BR>Thanks a bunch for any input. <BR> <BR>Thanks for you input. I'm just trying to

kristian 08-11-2003 3:59 PM

- Well I'd say $200 is the most I'd pay for a skate. Definetly concave. <BR>-Grip Tape <BR>-I rode no fins, but its nice to have the option of a fin. <BR>-I like the 42inch size. But it depends on how the board is shaped, some you ride smaller, some bigger. <BR>-Channels? depends how loose the board is. But Thats what fins are for. <BR>-Fiberglass? One thing I really like about fibergass is how easy it edges. <BR>

g_line 08-12-2003 10:55 AM

just make it something that will last. thats seems to be the problem with skates these days

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