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fisha_sweet 06-16-2010 8:24 PM

Winch Sprockets...
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Im sure some are aware but im sure some are not the tooth count in your sprocket can change speed/torque. Im Rockin a 8 horse pulldozer and we've got 3 different sprockets depending on the spot. We have a 74,69 and a 60 teeth sprockets. 60 being the fastest top speed w/ lowest torque (no deep water starts) and 74 having the most torque w/ minimal top speed. You can order sprockets online or a go kart shop will carry em (about $20-$30)

Another Way to increase your top speed without having to change sprockets is thinkin up the core of the spool. With each full revolution of the spool it will pull in more rope than if it was a smaller spool core. Imagine how many times youd have to wind a 20' rope around a shovel shaft, now imagine winding it around a car tire, 5 revolutions around a car tire and the rope would be wound. probably about 30 for the shovel shaft.

I hope this helps some people out with their winch.

-West Side Riders

wazzy 06-17-2010 10:53 AM

ThankSS for the tip.... Now I got to get building.....

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