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Falcon_Jess 06-16-2010 11:49 AM

Fuel Pump Replacement
Need to replace my fuel pump on a Mercruiser 5.7 liter 350 mag carb engine. I have the engine serial number as well if that would be any help. The fuel pump from what I can see says its a Carter but the part numbers are nearly impossible to read, I think the part number is 506004FZ08.. the Z might be a 2. Any suggestions as to where to get a new fuel pump from? Would NAPA have something comparable since the engine is the same as a small block chevy? I was told the pump needed to be replaced bc it was letting gas into the oil by a mechanic. Thankfully nothing on the engine is broken that I know of.. Any tips on the replacement process, I know I need to do another oil change now with filter and a new water/fuel filter as well along with the pump. ANY help is appreciated! thanks.

humboldtboarder 06-16-2010 11:24 PM

Try going to this website http://www.mercurypartsexpress.com/us/ and click on the "Part search by engine serial #" Then look up your fuel pump and you should get a mercruiser part number. Google that merc part number and you should find some other aftermarket pumps. From there you may be able to locate a pump at your local part store. I tried searching for the part numbers you listed and couldn't come up with anything.

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