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wakemania 06-16-2010 9:59 AM

INT Rules - Expert Division
Can someone very familiar with the INT wakeboard rules for the Expert division tell me how many spins (over 180) you can throw total? It says you are limited to 4 variations of 360s, 540s or raley based tricks. Does that mean you can do 4 variations of 360s and 4 variations orf 540s? Also, are TS & HS counted as a variation. If not, you can throw a ton of spins.
HS 360, HS 360 Indy grab, HS 360 tail grab, HS 360 Nose grab, TS 360, TS 360 Indy, TS 360 Tail, TS 360 Nose, HS 540, TS 540, TS 540 Indy, TS 540 Tail, TS 540 Nose. That's a total of 13 spins possible keeping it under 1350 points. That's assuming the backside version is a variation. Someone please tell me I have this all wrong.

06-16-2010 10:11 AM

Dude just go out and do your thing :) Dont worry if your to good theyl automaticaly boot you to outlaw, if not then theyl drop you down ... Just go out and have fun... Your worrying about it to much

wakemania 06-16-2010 10:52 AM

Chase, dude, I'm not trying to figure out which division I would ride in. I just want to know how many spins you can throw in Expert. It's a very simple question, but going to take someone who really understands the rules.

bhyatt_ohp 06-16-2010 11:07 AM

Having to evaluate variations in that much detail is the reason I quit participating in INT 4 years ago and we no longer have INT here in TN... The points system is ridiculous, especially when you had kids doing 4 different double grab 180's, Tantrum then 3 Tantrums in a row, each with a different grab and they all counted as a "variation". It was ridiculous. Lack of participation/interest brought INT to an end here about 2 or 3 years ago.

You may be one of those guys who has to have their run dialed and know the exact number of points you need to win, but its not for me. I'm with Chase, throw your favorite stuff and most importantly have FUN. Riding in the style I mentioned above will get you nowhere in a free ride style tournament. This is wakeboarding, not trick skiing.

06-16-2010 11:14 AM

Advance division is intended for riders with 3 solid basic inverts and or 360 variations, Advance riders will receive credit for up to four different variations of 360 spins and 3 different inverts total not per pass. The advance trick list includes any novice , intermediate tricks or trick variation that has a point value of 1250 points or less. Variations of any trick are limited to four advance tricks landed 1 wake or with their leading foot not over the crest of the sercond wake, will have 200 points deducted off the trick score. Any trick or trick variation scoring over 1250 points will receive a zero credit. Set up tricks that may receive credit are the ollie backside 180 and powerslide to blind. Extremely well done tricks or poorly performed tricks are subject to plus or minus 50 points, Advance riders may receive up to 1251 style points. Ten tricks total are allowerd, riders cannont repeat tricks. Point range 350-1250. Set up tricks over 400 point will count as a trick if less then 10 tricks are performed.

Not that hard to look it up on there website and understand ... Your welcome :)

06-16-2010 11:26 AM

I apologize just saw you said expert division so these rules apply differently everything else is the same ....

5 inverts total
4 variations of 360's or 540's ( grab or ts/hs or fs/bs = a different variation )
4 Raley based tricks
10 tricks total ( cannont be repeated )

So basically , since I did INT over 5 years in Colorado before being shut down as well .... This division along with outlaw again I will say... Go out there throw your favorite tricks and ride... You will only have time for 5 tricks each pass or less .... Just throw what you got... Because basicaly the only difference between outlaw and advance is the ( UNLIMITED trick rule ) which dosnt even matter because you only get 5 tricks or less per pass.. Just throw what you can...

wakemania 06-16-2010 12:09 PM

Thanks Chase. I have the rule book in front of me, but I could never find where it said FS/BS were variations. But did see where it said spins were unlimited (under 1350 points of course). So It was kinda confusing to a goofball like me. So I guess your answer to my question would be 8 spins total?

Brandon, you are exactly right in that tyring to figure out the details is rediculous. That's also one of the reasons I don't participate in the INT any longer. Our league has consistently shrunk the last 4 years for whatever reason. But if you are going to participate in the INT, you better know the rules or you may come away going "what the ......" just happened.

Believe me guys, I'm with you on scrapping the points and throwing down what you can. That's much more fun than trying to figure out which tricks you need to learn to win. Don't read more into my post than what is there. I'm very familiar witht the INT (except the Expert division) and other tournament formats. My origianal question was "how many spins (over 180) you can throw total? I believe Chase gave me an answer of 8. Thanks Chase.

bcail 06-16-2010 2:42 PM

Straight from the 2010 rule book.

Expert - The Expert division is intended for riders with 5 solid inverts and/or solid 360 and 540 spins. The expert riders will be allowed 5 inverts total, not per pass. Spins do not count as inverts, and are not limited.................................Variations of any trick are limited to 4...................................

wakemania 06-16-2010 3:18 PM

BJ - what's your answer? I've read that 100 times. 8 seems to be the most logical answer to me.

bcail 06-16-2010 3:26 PM

A HS360 is a single variation of a trick, you can do a HS360 without a grab and do 3 more HS360's with differnt grabs - that would equal 4 variations of a single trick. But it clearly states that spins are not limited, so as long as you have more than two spins that you do with different grabs, it doesn't apear that you would be limited to 8. I'm reading it that you could do 10 spins if you have them.

wakemania 06-16-2010 4:08 PM

Yeah , it seems so. The term "unlimited" kinda goes against the limit of the 4 variation rule. If you throw 4 360s and 4 540s that would be your only eight unless TS/HS and FS/BS were NOT counted as a variation of the same trick. I would think, however, that TS/HS and FS/BS would be variations of the same trick and therefore limiting you to the 8 spins.

Unless they are counting 180s as a spin. Then, you could get your ten. Maybe that's where the "unlimited" is coming from.

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