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bcrider 06-15-2010 2:34 PM

A couple riding pics from my stag sat morning
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The boys picked my up around 7am and took me to the lake before we got on to the other festivities. It was funny when I landed the 3 which I don't every time I had a handful of pink dress.

mvanhove 06-15-2010 4:58 PM

That's Cultas Lake right? Water looks nice, how cold was it? Last time we were there like a couple weeks ago I think the water was like 53 or so.

beretta5spd 06-15-2010 7:39 PM

i live in northern sask and we shredded on saturday before my buddy's wedding. had the dudes from the wedding party out and some close friends. hit the water at 7 am and it was glass. had some doubles sets, some double up practice, and some high speed wakeskating (35+ mph). had a great time, then back to town around 11 and at the church by 1pm! all the best to you dave, i've been married myself for almost 3 years now and it's been an awesome journey so far!

ashly 06-15-2010 10:21 PM

dwight where are you riding?

bcrider 06-16-2010 10:19 AM

Ya Michael it's Cultus. Water is about 14 deg. If it's cloudy or crappy weather we sometimes drysuit it otherwise when the suns out it's not bad at all in a shorty. Arms get a bit chilly at first but your fine once you've been in a while.

Thanks Dwight! Saturday is the day. We were hopin to get out before the ceremony but due to weather and time constrates we may not.

stuey 06-16-2010 10:44 AM

Nice Dave... great day to begin a stag! The water is still that cold in cultus? Even the fraser is up to 56-57 now... rode in my shorty 2mm suit for the first time this year on Sunday, not too bad. Been a cold spring for sure...

beretta5spd 06-16-2010 12:57 PM

Hey Dave, hope you don't mind me posting some info here, I can't get the pm to work for me. Hey Ashly we ride mostly on the Sask river in Nipawin, downtown Prince Albert on the North Sask river, and up at Emma Lake usually on the first lake right at sunset bay. Hoping to get some riding in with the NSR guys in saskatoon as well this year. Feel free to shoot me an email.... dwightandsarah@hotmail.com

And once again all the best Dave!

hyperlite 06-16-2010 1:15 PM

..........doesnt really even deserve this response

wakeboardern1 06-16-2010 4:09 PM

Lee, is it necessary to be such a jerk all the time?

Don't listen to the haters. Looks like you had a blast out there dude.

bcrider 06-16-2010 4:56 PM

Lee - It's a simple as this........then don't post one!

cheesydog 06-16-2010 8:17 PM


Originally Posted by hyperlite (Post 1598038)
..........doesnt really even deserve this response

seriously? Issues bro

Looks like a perfect way to kick off a stags! Wish I could do the same for mine but my buddies have issued a wakeboarding ban on my stag weekend, basterds...

beretta5spd 06-16-2010 8:41 PM

might as well call him OG Lee!!

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