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jarrod 06-14-2010 4:24 PM

Spring Ride Video!!


AP 06-14-2010 4:33 PM

Great video! Great Event!

downfortheride 06-14-2010 4:34 PM

Looked like a great time... Thanks for all the work you guys do for our sport, keep it up!

jarrod 06-14-2010 4:41 PM

Vandall goes SOOOOO big on that front to revert. Amazing.

stang_killa_ss 06-14-2010 4:44 PM

holy smokes. that made my knees hurt...

ord27 06-14-2010 6:24 PM

I wish that I could ride a fraction as well as those guys do. But, watching it makes my neck hurt...

that red 'Bu is gorgeous! It makes me wanna trade mine in. But mine is paid for....I love that about my boat

wakeandsnow27 06-14-2010 6:44 PM

wow. I have good knees, but Im still pretty sure they'd explode into pieces if I fell from the sky like Vandall did on that front to revert.

newmy79 06-14-2010 7:54 PM

Great riding in some not so great conditions. Looks like a blast, you Cali ppl know how to do it...

jps912 06-14-2010 8:25 PM

Such a good weekend. The video looks great.

nuckledragger 06-14-2010 8:33 PM

damn, dropping from the sky.

brhanley 06-14-2010 8:49 PM

Randall's looked like some sort of toe front roll/front flip hybrid thingy. Stupid big. I think my body would have disintegrated immediately upon impact. Lots of good riding...

brhanley 06-14-2010 8:50 PM

I take it back, cab front. Sick

elc 06-14-2010 8:53 PM

The video is great... Rev Run settin it off!

cheesydog 06-14-2010 10:41 PM

1 Attachment(s)
holy crap that front by Randall..

waterdork88 06-14-2010 11:18 PM

ts bs 7 was sick aswell

westsiderippa 06-14-2010 11:37 PM

nice job on the vid trevor!!

thescott 06-15-2010 9:15 AM

^^^Agreed - your edits are looking better and better. Sick vid. Now I regret not going all over again! Looks like it was an amazing time.

jarrod 06-15-2010 10:59 AM

That screen shot from the video is amazing.

dave27 06-15-2010 11:15 AM

The event was first class, just like the riding, and this video. Great job as always!.

dirwoody 06-15-2010 12:20 PM

That is just insane

wakeboard_pittsburgh 06-15-2010 3:02 PM

Awesome video!

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