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actiondcpd 08-11-2003 8:32 AM

How many other salt water boat owners have rust on their engine? What can I do to slow this process down? Can you rinse off the engine or protect it with something? It seems like it is impossible to keep the salt off.

aquaholic 08-11-2003 8:51 AM

Spray it with CRC-656 regularly.

tommyadrian5 08-11-2003 9:54 AM

I second the spray it with CRC-656 regularly, this is a water displacing lubricant, meaning when you spray it on something such as the headers(especially where they join the block) it soaks in and replaces the water in the tiny cracks of your paint and such. It doesn't harm anything so use it liberally, on everything, alot of it. <BR> <BR>Mike, how do you like your Air Nauty, i almost got that exact boat, yr 2000 same color and everything, last year for $28K with 11 hours but got hung up with the dealer about extending the warranty(due to the non-existent hours). How is the weighted(stock ballast and additional), unweighted wake. I like the boat I have now but sometimes i wish i had gotten the Air, a little bigger and when i test drove it it was a little stronger feeling when hitting wakes etc.

mvda 08-11-2003 10:09 AM

I spray my engine down with Quicksilver Corrosion Guard every once in a while. You just make sure the engine is relatively clean, spray it all over, and DO NOT wipe it off. It creates a thin protective film all over the engine. Also, flushing your engine with Salt Away or a similar product helps for the inside of your engine.

aquaholic 08-11-2003 11:18 AM

Tom, overall, I like the boat ok. Wish I had held out for a v-drive. The unweighted wake is pretty small. With the factory tanks, another 500 in the back locker, a 350 in the ski locker and and another 2 350's on each side of the engine and like 4 people it is nice, but nowhere near what I thought I'd be able to get. As far as the fit &amp; finish and construction the boat is great, handles rough water well and is very solid. The 320 Apex engine has a lot of power.

bob 08-13-2003 1:37 AM

or you can spray it with boeshield found at west marine, do a search on the web and it will explain it, always flush with salt away though or at least most of the time

bob 08-13-2003 1:39 AM

oh yea, Mike a buddy who lives just a short drive away has a new ssv on the way, should be here this week and we cant wait to get a ride behind it

aquaholic 08-13-2003 4:52 AM

Bob, I ride behind a guys Supra Launch quite a bit and like that wake alot, so the v-drive should be sweet!

robandrus 08-14-2003 11:34 AM

When I bought my boat someone had used it in salt water, the original engine had been replaced but the headers mounting brackets and transmission were horrible corrodded, anyway, we pulled the corrodded stuff and got it all sand blasted, there must have been half an inch of corrosion on there, later we primed then repainted it. We only use it in fresh so we haven't had any further problems.

hippie 08-20-2003 5:01 AM


hockeyruss 08-20-2003 7:59 AM

If you use in salt, you need to keep the motor and bilge (metal parts anyway) coated with any of the above mentioned products. Coating once a week should keep you out of trouble. Plus you must flush out the engine everytime you are done using it. I also reccomment taking it right out of the water and to a car wash with hot water wash. I did this with the I/O I had from 1996-2001 (it was a 1991) and it is still running with a friend of mine to this day. Although he has not maintained it like I did. I myself found fresh water and other than the occassional sightseeing trip for visitors on the river, or Fourth of July Fireworks, I stay clear of the brackish water here. My last boat had the closed cooling system, but you still end up with salt water on the shaft (no dripless packing gland) and in the bildge.

wakescene 08-21-2003 8:21 AM

yea what everyone said plus more maintenance. <BR> <BR>Just make sure to clean and cover everything metal, and electrical with a good water displacing lubricant. Wash the boat frequently and stay aware of where water is getting to. <BR> <BR>It never hurts to look at everything before you go out, or when you get in. you might catch something out of the ordinary and aviod a disaster. <BR> <BR>KG

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