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XChris1632X 06-13-2010 6:45 PM

Need help with picking a new setup
Ok I am looking for my first board. I have rode quite a few and always use my friends. Some are old and some are offbrand. The ones I have ridden most of are hyperlite fluid and motive. Mostly the Motive. I was looking to buy a new one but dont want to go too far out of my skill level. The motive feels like I will outgrow its use soon and feels a bit heavy. I was looking at the HL State. What do you guys think. I have been riding for three years now but seem my skill has been hindered by the types of boats I have access to and some of the junk boards/bindings aswell. We have a better boat now and I my powerslides are good, I can clear wake to wake(not very consistantly), and I am working on my switch riding, spins, and I have even almost landed a few tantrums.

My other prob is bindings. I like open toes, but I cant just pick out any binding. I tore a ligiment in my left ankle(back leg) last year and now it take a lot of beating which seems to be worse in loose bindings. I want some decent ones that will also help secure it from hurting it worse.

What are some decent, cheaper end bindings I could get. I was looking at the boards and bindings from an outlet place online that sold factory blems and such for a muck cheaper price. Most of the boards and bindings were 150.00 each. Do you guys have any help for this. I figured the people here would know a lot better than I do.

Also I am not stuck on hyperlite only, I just like them as they make good boards and they are mostly what I have ridden.

ClutchIndustries 06-13-2010 9:10 PM

I highly recommend checking out what Wakeology has to offer wakeology.com. If you're interested PM me with any questions you have about the brand, Just got off the water with mine today and I'm loving it more with every ride. If you choose to purchase that route. Enter the promo code ClutchInd at checkout and You'll receive $50 off your purchase!

landowakettu 06-14-2010 1:41 PM

The HL State is a great board, its what we recommend to many of our customers Its a solid board that doesn't have alot of bells and whistles. I'd say if you could go out and demo a few boards that would be great, that way you know what you're getting before you get it.


That link it to a forum I posted on as far as boards and different shapes might help with what you want. Just scroll down a little and its kind of long but its got some good information in there.

But by far the best thing you can do is go out and demo!

As for bindings I can't say enough about how good high quality bindings Ronix is putting out these days, (I ride 09 Company bindings) but it seems like their bindings provide the most to their customer for the cost! Check out some reviews too! The HL focus bindings are solid bindings as well and they provide a little more ankle support but I worry that as you ride them they will break in and be super flexible.

Hope this helps!

Anubis79 06-14-2010 2:23 PM

I honestly would pass on the State, but I'm old school. I could have got a State for a killer price, but when I saw it had specific heel and toe side edges I passed instantly. I'd rather have a traditional board even if it means more work going toe side. For about the same price as a State package you could pick up a LF Trip or PS3. What sort of price range are you looking at, and would you rather get board and bindings separate?

XChris1632X 06-14-2010 6:17 PM

Last night I emailed evogear.com and asked their opinion. I was told that the LF PS3 would be the perfect choice for me as well as the LF transit boots. What do you guys think about that option? I can get them both for $270 being last years model.

XChris1632X 06-14-2010 6:24 PM

I just realized that they only go up to 137. Will this be too small for me. Right now I am weighing in at 200 but i usually drop down to 190 or so.

snoopy1173 06-14-2010 8:33 PM

hey, the lf ps3 goes up to a 141

cheesydog 06-14-2010 8:58 PM

yea 137 not really the ideal size for you, Id say u want a 140+ board

hyperlite 06-15-2010 4:24 AM

EVERY aspect of a board is personal preference. Look do yourself a favor and just go to your local shop and demo some boards. Dont listen to anyone on here when it comes to making a decision on what to get. Everyone has a different answer for a reason. (their own). My point is that there are too many boards out there to just pick one out of a hat and roll with it. Im 5'8 185 and ride a 136, so do let your size dictate your board size to much. The only thing about bigger boards is that theyre a little easier to ride. period. GO DEMO SOME BOARDS.....

XChris1632X 06-15-2010 2:58 PM

I would love to go and test some out but here in central ohio there is no such place that offers that kind of service. There used to be. Now all the shops are seasonal snowboard only shops or are big dealers that sell boards and will tell you anything to put you in one to make a sale. I have to rely on the help of good advice from others around me and you guys.

linz 06-15-2010 5:06 PM

I learned on the women's version of the State (the Eden) and love, love, LOVED it for 3.5 years! It's a really good bang for your buck!
Good luck with choosing!

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