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tcaz 06-12-2010 2:20 AM

How does the '09 Marek hold up on rails?
I couldn't pass up the offer to buy a Marek from my buddy for a hell of a cheap price. It has replaced my '06 board and I just picked up some '10 Ronix One boots to go on it. I've been riding cable alot more recently at TSR (blasphemy as I've been loyal to boat for 10 years prior! JK) since my boat has been out of commission and it's convenient to catch to ride with my buddy from Austin and hit the cablepark instead. Only problem is, I'm using an old CWB Prodigy (circa 2001-2?) and want to use a good board as I know technology has changed and newer boards ride better at the park, etc, etc.

Anyways, Marek doesn't have a grind base and I don't know if I want to risk dinging it up too bad but since I haven't been able to get on the lake as much as I'd like this summer, I'm dying to ride this setup. Should I put my new boots on an older board and just cruise that? Or can the Marek withstand a good amount of sliders/kickers? I got it for such a good deal I just want to charge it! Any words? Thanks in advance.

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