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tke104 06-11-2010 9:29 PM

Inland Surfer 4-Skim Infectious or Moss?
I'm trying to decide between the Inland Surfer 4-Skim Infectious and the 4-Skim Moss. I'm 5'8" and about 150lbs. Right now I ride a 4'10" Liquid Force Custom and it's just too big for what I want to do. I'm an advanced rider looking for a skim style board. I don't know too much about the Infectious, but I'm thinking it is basically the Black Pearl with the option for 3 fins?


My questions are for those who have ridden both or either of these boards:

1. Will the Moss be too sketchy since it only has one fin, or will I get used to it fairly quickly.
2. Will the Moss be fast enough if i don't have it on the perfect wave?
3. Will the Infectious be too big for advanced tricks and/or will I get bored of it quickly and wish I had something smaller?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I ride behind an '02 Air Nautique (not v-drive), and it actually puts out a decent surf wake. I'm hoping to get a v-drive in the next 0-10 years though. I've also heard that this will be the last year for the Moss; does anyone know anything more about this?

wakemitch 06-12-2010 8:26 AM

tke104, I am your same size and weight. I have spent tons of time on the black pearl yellow which is 2" longer than the infectious. I definitely prefer the moss over the black pearl. The smaller board just feels better. I have not ridden the infectious because it isnt out yet. they are expected to be in late june/early july. For your boat I think the infectious would be a better board compared to the moss because it can handle a bit smaller wake. The infectious wont be too big for you. 3s and shuvs can definitely be done on it.

tke104 06-14-2010 6:15 AM

Thanks Mitch. Have you ridden the regular Black Pearl? Also, is the Moss stable or is it really loose? Can you make decent turns on it?

desotodave 06-14-2010 6:46 AM

Given your size, weight and skill level, you should take a ride on the Phase 5 Drew Danielo Carbon Pro Model Size Small. You will find it Very fast, maneuverable and responsive. Everyone who has one loves it, and it is built by a company who is a leader in skim boarding. Just my 2 cents.

wakemitch 06-14-2010 10:32 PM

tke104, i havent ridden the regular black pearl. the moss handles great, but is just as loose as any skim board. all skims are loose, thats why i love them. haha. you can definitely make decent turns on a skim, but the turns are not powerful like on a surf style board. skim is much more floaty and loose. i still think you should go with the infectious/black pearl over the moss because of your boat set up. the board will be able to do everything you want to do and should be fast enough for your wake.

Jksizzle 07-19-2010 11:29 AM

I got to ride the Infectious last year at the NWWSA competition. We have a pearl and I have tried the moss a few times and the Infectious is the best. It depends to on what you are you doing trick wise though. It's quick on the wave and I can pull 360's easy on it. I can't do shuvs on it. If you are wanting to do shuv etc. i would go with the moss since its smaller and more skim style. My original board was the liquid force custom 4'10 too. Other boards i would recommend are the 4'6 custom thruster or the drew danielo carbon pro model. I love all these boards but I am so happy the infectious is out now!!

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