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ldr 06-11-2010 8:55 PM

Stereo help Clarion 746 & Drive+play Ipod interface
My parents have a 2006 x star and up to this point haven't ever been able to really use their tower speakers because they can't control them independent of the rest of the system.

We are planning on installing the Clarion eqs746 as well as one of the Harman Kardon Drive + play Ipod interface.

For those of you who have either one of these, How hard were these to install and what will we need to purchase to complete the instal of both items?

The X Star currently has the stock head unit so i assume that i will need to buy some RCA's.

The other question is how have you guys gone about mounting these?

pittsy 06-11-2010 9:16 PM

You will need RCAs long enough to go from the amps around to the drivers side. I also ran power, ground, and remote wire all the way around to where the amps are as well. Hooking up everything went very well, its an easy install. Don't know about the Harmon Kardon. I used RCA cables that were 20ft long. The RCA cable from the tower speakers, the white one was long enough to make it to where I installed mine on the drivers side. Aslo you will need 2 cables that turns the RCA output into 1 and use a coupler. You need to do this as there are 2 sets of RCAs for the boat and only one set to plug into. I installed the WS-420, but install should be similar.

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