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Anubis79 06-11-2010 5:53 PM

Couple new board questions and some handle advice...
Looking at either a LF Trip or a LF PS3. The question is which are the better bindings: Index or Domain? I think I would rather have the lace-up Index over the velcro Domains, but the Index are classified as "beginner" bindings. Now I'm just a weekend warrior only really doing spins and grabs but I may try to start going for inverts. Will the Index be able to handle a bit of a pounding? I've got some others who will be using the board so I don't want fancy closed-toe bindings. We're all just out to have fun not bust huge and go pro. Is there something the "intermediate" Domains offer that the Index won't be able to provide?

Now, I also want a new handle but I'm not going crazy with $200 setups or $100 handles. I'm just looking for something wider and more comfortable than what I have. Specifically I'm looking at the Byerly Chamoise, but I have no idea how wide the handle is. Also considering the Accurate Prime and the LF FLY.

Here's 2 of the 3:
http://www.boardstop.com/product_inf...oducts_id=2929 This is a combo but I can get just the handle.

Any other choices on a handle around $60 or so? It's got to be 15" though, that's the only requirement.

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