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bg__dereks_mom 06-10-2010 12:44 PM

Lake McClure almost full
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We are about 25 feet from being full. The water level has been coming up a couple feet a day. A little breezy up here the last couple days. Water temp about 72 degrees. It's Going to be a good summer on the lake. If the weather ever cooperates.

stephan 06-10-2010 1:22 PM

Always nice to see McCLure full. They must be letting some serious water out if its that close to full. Correct me if I'm wrong, but McClure gets a ton of snow-melt and should continue rising into the summer!

thescott 06-10-2010 2:37 PM

The level rise generally peaks end of June. But w/ the later storms I'm thinking it will keep coming up for a while still. We were there a couple weeks ago and it looked great already as compared to the last couple years. Will be back up there next weekend. Can't wait!

bg__dereks_mom 06-10-2010 3:56 PM

Yeah, it usually peaks around the 4th of July. Then they usually will start letting more water out. There is still a lot of snow pack up in the Mountains, so we are expecting it to be pretty high all summer this year. It's been 4 years since it has been as high as this.

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