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nautique220 06-10-2010 7:18 AM

WS 420 help
I dont know how to explain the sound, but every time i try to use the microphone it does that really loud glaring beep. I have to move it around and talk about a foot away from it. Pretty much does it every time i use it. If this doesnt make any sense let me know and ill try and explain it better. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance

wetsounds1 06-10-2010 8:32 AM

You are getting microphone feedback. Your mic volume is too high. Just like at a concert and the singer gets too close to a speaker and you hear a high pitched sound. Your mic is too close to a speaker and/or too high on the volume. Some boats with high towers can get 3/4 of volume, some with low towers can get 1/4. Depends on the boat. Also, some boats mic can crank when sitting but will feedback if you stand up since you got closer to the speaker.

Best thing to do is find that max set point. Test the mic at one volume and see, turn it up a bit and see, turn it up a bit more and see. Until you reach the max set point on your system. That will be the max you can get based on your speaker locations and your system.

You can also add an extension cable to the mic. So the mic is in a location where you like it and no feedback. We have wake schools that have the mics in the very back of the boat so the instructor can sit all the way back and talk.

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nautique220 06-10-2010 4:00 PM

I'll try that. thanks

UNvisible 06-10-2010 8:57 PM

on my system with the 485's on the lower half of the tower, my max vol I can use is 1/4... and it's REALLy loud when you talk into it, dont see a reason to go any higher on mic volume.

ktm525 06-11-2010 6:32 AM

We have a 3 some on 2 pro 60's on our tower. We run our mic at 1/3 volume, and it is plenty loud enough for the rider to hear.

chattwake 06-11-2010 7:10 AM


Didn't some or all of the ws420 eq's have independent gains on the top of the eq that he could adjust.

chattwake 06-11-2010 7:10 AM

I'm obviously not talking about the knobs on the front of the eq.

wetsounds1 06-11-2010 8:03 AM


that was first generation units. if he has a first gen unit, set the gains about half way and re tune the amps as well. we re designed the 420 to offer a fixed 5 volt output. We found that it was just too hard for a lot of people to tune. As it took a lot of time, so we made it easier to install

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