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robertgwi 06-09-2010 1:37 PM

How much does new carpet cost?
Any idea on how much is costs (on average) to get new carpet in a 2000 Malibu Sunsetter LXI?

skillz 06-09-2010 7:47 PM

I've only got one quote for my 01 LXI and it was $1,000.00

younguns44 06-10-2010 3:51 PM

if you wanna go for the cheapest version you can order marine grade carpet from amazon and cut it and install it yourself, a little more work but far less money out of pocket

rlsv211 06-11-2010 5:21 PM

I replaced the carpet in my 1998 Sunsetter. I ordered the carpet from Ovetons and I think the carpet was $200. Another $35 for the Adhesive and about 20 hours. It should have taken less time but it was winter and I took my time. If I were to do it again I would call Corinthian carpets. and get a little thicker carpet. Try to match the carpet color as close as possible so you only have to replace the carpet on the floor.

ajholt7 06-11-2010 5:52 PM

What about replacing your carpet with SeaDek? That would be sweet.

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