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stang_killa_ss 06-09-2010 6:53 AM

pic: mastercraft wrap from Push Progress
i dont remember seeing this, then again i guess i wasnt really watching the boat...


bruizza 06-09-2010 7:40 AM

you probably didn't see it because I am about 99% sure that picture is photoshoped.

06-09-2010 7:45 AM

It is, you can tell on the first blue stripe there is that little silver thing on the top left of it , the wrap would obviously have that little cut around it, it wouldnt overlap it like that otherwise the did a pretty decent photoshop job ( cut wise ) but once again a skull :( they should get rid of it and make the push process way longer it would look so much sicker and more tilted like at a 40 degree angle, god I wish i could get a job doing this since im a graphic designer anybody know anyone let me know haha :)

stang_killa_ss 06-09-2010 8:53 AM

lol you guys beat me to it.

looking at it again, i just wonder how much is real.
for one the boat stands or entire trialer have been 'choped out
and the black on the back of the boat is an obvious 'choped color change, you can see the jagged edges and even some white still showing just below the yellow background.
and the blue stripes above the rub rail on the front look suspicious no shading on the curved area...


06-09-2010 8:58 AM

It very well could be like a mock up to show the customer how it could look like though guys so take that into consideration, I sure as hell would do that before I just popped a wrap on someones boat, give them an idea of what it might look like!

gwnkids 06-09-2010 9:41 AM

It looks like its on a sling, you can see the rear attachments and follow the chain in the bow.

mallenger 06-09-2010 11:42 AM

At least the wrap doesn't have a skull.... oh never mind, now I see it.

ixfe 06-09-2010 4:58 PM

skulls are badass, yo!

ilikebeaverandboats 06-09-2010 5:13 PM

Whats up with the skulls on all the wraps. wtf. when did wakeboarders become hardcore goth retards!? none of the boards have skulls....

But yea that boats supposed to be orange. its been my background on my desktop forever.

JDubs 06-09-2010 8:03 PM

Corey, the boat is being held up by the lifting rings.

mikeski 06-09-2010 9:44 PM

Lose the lame skull, otherwise it's a wrap I don't mind.

jvkc 06-09-2010 11:13 PM

Here is the actual boat



ilikebeaverandboats 06-10-2010 9:54 AM

It would be killer if it didnt have that skull.

skyski1 06-10-2010 1:44 PM

I wanna see wraps with flyin' bewbies. That would be way better.

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