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pogi 06-06-2010 11:32 PM

Is this photoshopped?
Okay photography experts explain this to me... In this picture, how is the wakeboard line taunt and still going up?
It appears that the tower on the boat would have to be over 20 feet high. Don't get me wrong, I think Keith can get this high, but I don't see how his line could still be going up if he were really this high in the air. If you compare other wakeboard pictures to it, taken from similar angles, the riders don't appear to be near as high, but their lines appear to be taunt and going down. This isn't the best example but you can see my point.

aces6692 06-06-2010 11:49 PM

the first one looks questionable but the second one u can see hat the line is going down, and it looks that it would be about tower height, cant say for sure, but i would say no, only reason being because everyone knows keith goes huge, so why would they need to photoshop it.

morgs 06-07-2010 1:37 AM

I doubt its shopped. A longer line might explain it?

alans 06-07-2010 4:42 AM

No Photoshop. The camera is very close to the water and the boat is coming towards the photographer in the Lyman picture. In the second picture the boat is running away from the photographer.

loudontn 06-07-2010 5:09 AM

Good explanation Alan, I see what you're talking about. We should never doubt Lyman's giganticness anyway. haha

ironj32 06-07-2010 5:13 AM

Those are most definitely not photoshoped. Those are my homie Ryan Taylor's photo's (I'm 90% sure that the Lyman photo is, but am 100% sure of the one of Colin Ryan). I ride with the dude in the bottom picture 3 times a week, and I can tell you that he honestly goes huge every time. LOL, that picture doesn't even really do him justice, as he appears a lot higher from the rearview.

hyperlite 06-07-2010 5:16 AM


ironj32 06-07-2010 6:37 AM

Another reason that most other riders don't appear to be as high in the pics is probably because they are not. Alan's explanation probably has a good deal to do with it though :D

Walt 06-07-2010 6:42 AM

It's the real deal. Nice shot Ryan.

AndrewMulkern4 06-07-2010 7:47 AM

Lyman's rope is about 90' feet long and the angle of photo of the photo is upward, so its not not photoshopped, just the clashing angles

andy_nintzel 06-07-2010 8:42 AM

I would bet money that the photog in the Lyman shot is at water level that is an old school trick to make the Trick look HUGE. I highly doubt they would publish a pic of him with and photo shop it.


wakesurf12 06-07-2010 9:18 AM

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Alan explains it best, it is definitely because of the direction of the boat. Here are two more photos from the same shoots. This time in reverse boat direction for each rider, both riders are going big and the ropes go up and down depending on which way the boat is traveling, at me or away. I can also assure you that I do not photoshop any of my sports/documentary photos. (or many of my photos at that.) I have for the most part always been a "do it in camera" kind of guy.

pogi 06-07-2010 10:33 AM

Interesting... Thanks for the explanation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like if you want to make the rider look higher, its better to take the picture as he's coming at you as opposed to going away. Thanks again!

tracktor 06-07-2010 10:56 AM

Does anyone else thing the LF logo looks kinda like the Slingshot logo? Great pics for sure...............

rorowake 06-07-2010 12:53 PM

not fun sitting in that canoe...

bbr 06-07-2010 1:00 PM

I personally think that it looks that way because Lyman just plain goes bigger than almost everyone in the industry.

He's good.

nwa 06-07-2010 1:50 PM

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It is not photoshopped anymore than this is. This is me and my child, I don't even own photoshop. And, Lyman goes HUGE!

dohboy 06-07-2010 5:05 PM

Thats a funny angle Dean. Your throwing your kid up higher then the streetlight. Stop it or he'll get hurt! LOL

nwa 06-07-2010 8:23 PM

It was all angle, my wife was sitting on the grass with the camera. And it is not obvious in the picture but it is a girl. She is my number 2 girl. She is kinda crazy like a boy though, I can't imagine why.

dohboy 06-07-2010 8:51 PM

Dean sorry I should have looked and noticed the pink shirt. She needs a cape!

wakesurf12 06-07-2010 9:35 PM

Yeah Ronnie! YUKI!!!!!!!!!!!

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