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justinwakes29 06-06-2010 7:17 PM

Wants a Company Board
I was looking to get a new Company Wakeboard... just didn't know which one was the right one for me... I keep breaking boards and I had a friend that rode a Company Wakeboard that said "I haven't broke it yet!" So I want to try it out... It gets expensive buying boards...But I am 210 pounds and my height is 5'9...

wakerider111 06-06-2010 9:29 PM

i have not ridden company, but i do ride slingshot which is in some ways similar. i would suggest something 140 cm or above and whatever rocker pattern suits your style. sorry i don't have more to say

turbonine 06-07-2010 9:28 AM

143 Recruit for a continuous rocker or a 142 Severance for a 3-stage.

lives2wake 06-08-2010 9:02 PM

I'm just about the same height and weight. I'm riding the 2009 Severance 142. It's a super fun board to ride. Buttering the tips in the flats is easy and a lot of fun. I'd like to try the Vandall 144 for the extra length and it's supposed to be quick, something like the Lyman. I'd like to see how much flex is in it.
Anyone ride it?

skiboarder 06-09-2010 7:37 AM

I ride the 138 severance (5-9, 165) and have taken it to hell and back. It is a very tough ride. I came up short on a transition once and was sure that I bashed-in the rail. It barely picked up a scratch.

Note that this board rides very well off the wake and does not have the dumpy feel off the wake like most flex boards. It is very stiff between the feet, but loves to bend and butter on the tips.

irishrider92 06-09-2010 1:27 PM

Check out boardstop.com I got a sick deal on an 09 severance. Something like $230 or so plus free shipping. Haven't tried it out though cos I'm doing exams right now but come july.....

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