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adsman 06-06-2010 10:35 AM

Boost Box Automatic Volume Control 10% OFF
Just got my Boost Box Automatic Volume Control... havent installed it yet though (review to follow)

Thought I'd pass on this promo code for 10% OFF they sent me:


(it is good till labor day)

dohboy 06-06-2010 4:14 PM

Are these work as well as the HSE ones? Thinking about getting something.

mhunter 06-06-2010 4:25 PM

Thanks for the code I got one on order.

flattirenotube 06-06-2010 4:57 PM

If you don't want to spend the money on one of those, you should check out the Adaptunes app for iphone and ipod. Works great and no installation of any type.

Braonm 06-07-2010 4:26 AM

The Adaptunes app looks pretty cool. It uses GPS information to gauge speed to figure out when to "turn up" and "turn down" your iPod.

I don't see a connection in the app that could control your whole stereo though, looks like it only controls the iPod output. Also, if it is GPS, do you need your iPod to be out on the dash, or open to the sky? All of my GPS devices so far get unhappy if you put them in the glove box. Your iPhone probably won't get wet, but it is something to consider. But for $1, it might be good. Has anyone used this on the water, does it work pretty well?

As far as i understand, the trident HSE volume controller is like an automatic in line fader between your stereo head and your Amps (or tower fader like the Wet Sounds WS420 which is really popular if you have one) and requires a connection to your engine RPM signal, where it gets its input to know your speed. I've spoken to a mobile stereo installation guy here in Austin and he is installing them, so i would think that it is a good reputable product. Only thing is that as an inline product, you've got to make sure it is set correctly with your pre-amp/amp set up. Once installed correctly, it is supposed to work well.

The Boost Box is designed as a "no-installation" after market product which controls your stereo head unit, so it would control all your tunes. The Boost Box works by using motion sensing to figure out what you're doing with your boat, and "boosts" up the volume by a user selected amount during wakeboarding, wakesurf, ski, tube etc.

With the Boost Box you do not hook into to any engine cabling, and you can move the unit from boat to boat if you want (I prefer using the velcro tape that comes with the product, but we've also seen a lot of people use duct tape to swap the unit between boats). You can power it from a 9V battery if you wanted.

--Disclaimer-- I represent The Boost Box and Watersport Innovations on the web.

flattirenotube 06-07-2010 6:36 AM

I have never run the adaptunes from a glove box, but it works in my car so not sure if there would be any issues there. It controls the volume out of the headphone jack so you have to run it into an aux input jack. It works really well I have been using it for the last year and have had zero issues other than it does drain the battery quickly so you need to keep a charger on it to keep it runnin or be able to use it at the end of the day, other than that extremely happy for a $1 purchase.

lightning_rod 06-24-2010 11:13 AM

What if you are anchored, how does the boost box work in this case?


wake_upppp 06-24-2010 12:54 PM

Also Braon, when will there be a Pioneer compatible unit?

unclejessie 06-24-2010 1:18 PM

This thread looks like a 2nd version of the last one that got deleted.

As long we are overtly promoting product, I will give a shout out to the RVC product from HSE. That thing works great!


jmcdanie 06-24-2010 1:21 PM

Luckily we have UncleJessie here at the forums to run interference and police what is posted....YEY!

I have a Boost Box and love it...

unclejessie 06-24-2010 1:46 PM

I get PO'd by posts like these because I have a product in the inductry but do not promote in my signature or with posts like these. And, when my customers have posted threads on how much they like the product, they get yanked... and when my friend's shop gets posts by its patrons, promoting sales, etc , those threads get yanked to... so maybe I am a whee bit bitter LOL!


Braonm 07-22-2010 12:06 PM

I apologize for offending anyone with my replies and comments. My intent is to be honest, credible, and direct.

I'd like to put our best foot forward to see that folks interested in the product understand it as well as I can explain it, in order to make an informed decision based on what they need.

I think given the alternative, as a joe blo consumer myself, I'd want a product rep to be able to respond to my questions, especially if I didn't understand if the product would or wouldn't work for me given my unique set up.

In that context, I want to identify myself directly, and my ties to the product, to allow people to take what I'm saying with a grain of salt, knowing where my comments are coming from.

I agree that "fake" posts are dishonest, and do not generate good will, either for the product brand, or from the user community, and should be discouraged (and if possible discovered).

I am daily encouraged by the positive response of users to our product, via forums like this one, phone and email. And I sincerely appreciate the vocal honest, pro and con, it all helps people make good decisions.

Please accept my sincere apology, and I will further study to conduct my communications in a professional manner fitting for the user forum community.


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