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CRW 06-06-2010 12:58 AM

LF Substance 2008
Anyone got/used LF Substance 2008? how would u rate it with your current board?

bridges 06-06-2010 8:43 AM

i have one as a backup board.. not to bad of a board.. its basically the watson shape so has very good pop, but i also have a hyperlite marek so i cant really compare them as in the marek is in its on league... i just put some open toes on it for other friends to ride also, seems to work out really good. im happy with it..

CRW 06-07-2010 6:55 PM


rmm025 06-09-2010 7:34 AM

I have an 06 substance, same shape. I love the board and the pop it gives me. The board rides solid if you put the extra center fins in, but I prefer w/o the center fins for a looser, yet stable ride. Landings on the downslope are butter, but in the flats can be a bit tough, I don't know if it is the board or my knees, probly a combination of both. I will get a new board this fall, mainly because I need a new one,, and I will most likely change boards to get softer landings in the flats, but I want something with very similar pop.

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