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timmo 06-05-2010 3:40 AM

Warrantied for rails??
Hey guys, which boards are absolutely, definitely, 100% warrantied if you hit rails & sliders- if any!!

benjaminp 06-05-2010 7:18 AM

O'Brien R5 and Local are the only ones that I know of.

andy_nintzel 06-05-2010 7:51 AM

Yeah as far as I know O'brien is the only one doing that at the moment. Which honestly doesnt make a any of sense to me. It really seems like the majority of really sick rail riders ride flex, so it really seems like more companies should step up and make Rail warrantied boards like O'brien. Over the last few years I have had a few R5's and Local, its super cool cause if you really smack the board hard you can just and down the area that you hit and it good as new. They are super tought and really fun to ride on rails, super quiet due to the core.

benjaminp 06-05-2010 9:00 AM

Yeah it seems odd that boards mareketed to rail riders, like the Roam, LF Flx, all the grind base boards, dont have rail warranties. You would think some companies other than O'Brien would catch on.

wakemitch 06-05-2010 9:59 AM

how is messing up your board on a rail a manufacturers defect? thats what a warranty is for. boards are consumables, it sucks to think about it like that but they are. You can epoxy and fix them but after a while you will have to get another. Snowboards dont have warranties like that, skateboards dont, surfboards dont, ect. Ive damaged boards on rails and not once did i walk away thinking it was the companies fault, i knew it was my mistake.

jasonpav 06-05-2010 11:11 AM

I agree with Mitch. (Although it would be nice not to have to worry about destroying my boards)

TelepromptedAnthems 06-05-2010 12:48 PM

I'm with Mitch on this one too. I've always wondered how much less boards would cost if there were no warranties and brands didn't have to worry about replacing every single board that somehow was damaged, rails or otherwise. Manufacturer defects are one thing, but I'd love to see how many boards have been warrantied just to shut people up because everyone seems to complain so much and run to their computer to vent as soon as something goes wrong.

andy_nintzel 06-05-2010 2:00 PM


I see your point.

benjaminp 06-05-2010 3:12 PM

Mitch, I see what you are saying, but at the same time I'm sure there have been more than a few cases where boards fall apart while riding rails that are definitely not rider error. I am not suggesting companies adopt a policy to replace boards that break because someone rode it straight into the end of a rail and it snapped, because you're right, thats just what happens. I just think that a warranty shouldnt be voided because the board was used on a rail. Same old warranty, covering ripped out inserts (for example), but still valid even if the board has scratch marks on the bottom.

andy_nintzel 06-05-2010 3:20 PM


Thats also a great poin, think about the older Roams Peeling apart.

timmo 06-06-2010 3:02 AM

Thanks guys, and some good points. I'm not expecting a board to be indestructible and if there's a nail or something sticking up from a rail or kicker, clearly any damage has nothiing to do with the manufacturer. What irks me is that the second you hit a kicker a warranty goes- even on boards which has grind bases, and that's that.

My local board shop has ONE O'Brien Local in stock which was a demo board (not an in the water demo, it's never got wet, the Rep had been taking it around showing it to shops before they buy) it comes with NO warranty. Which is no surprise, but I'm not sure what the point is of buying a board which can come with such a good warranty knowing that particular one has none!!

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