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kingramo 06-03-2010 5:00 PM

need help buying a boat
Hey guys, I've been wakeboarding behind my Regal and I'm ready to get a real wake board boat. I'm totally lost and I need some help and any ideas to help me decide. I'm limited on my budget but I'm looking for something in the low 20's. I've looked at the moombas and you can get a pretty decent fairly new one for that price. However I want to get some suggestions. Please help me out!

RYDEAZ11 06-03-2010 5:12 PM

I was just in the same situation but behind a Sea Ray. I got on here and started asking lots of questions and started looking on craigslist at local adds. Was looking in the same price range and everything. Found some great deals on some early 2000's wakesetters, Tige's 21v, and Calabria. My advise would be they are all gonna be better then what you had before, so take them out and test drive them and see which one you like the best after that. I actually called the dealerships that serviced the boats and got backgrounds on them and looked through service records to see the upkeep on them as well.

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