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hyperliterider90 06-02-2010 10:23 PM

i knew he had killllller vids.. but holy Sh** that kid is a hell of a cable rider!

cheers norbi

norbiv 06-03-2010 4:28 AM

Thanks Dude :] Not too many people know that my parents were both cable skiing way before I was even born so by the time I started growing up I had a super early start on my cable shredding. by the age of 7 I started waterskiing and messing around with all kinds of different boards,kneeboards and trick skiis and when I turned 10 wakeboarding was introduced in hungary and the rest is history :]
I just love wakeboarding, travelling to different countries and sharing the love of the sport as well as my cinematography.

backflop 06-03-2010 1:18 PM

You know you're doing something right when other people that post their videos on here go "Its no norbi but..."

otown_dave 06-03-2010 1:57 PM

Hey I think I've said that, But then again I was using my phone for video ..LOL

hyperlite 06-04-2010 4:31 AM


steezyshots 06-04-2010 8:29 AM

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Norbi Shreds!

norbiv 06-07-2010 4:17 AM

what a classic pics riley :] thanks

kyle_L 06-07-2010 4:33 AM

Was that shot the same day the one where Josh and the lightning were shot?
Yeah fellas if you haven't gotten a chance to see norbi ride cable, he pretty much gives everyone in his videos a run for their money and then takes them on air tricks. Definitely one of the top riders at odub and that is hard coming from a rixen background because the style there is completely different. At odub you ride like you are at a snowboard park and at rixen, the only things people work on are flats tricks and tricks off of the kicker (the single greatest kicker in the world). We don't have any rails at rixen that you can get all dancy spinny tappy on like at odub but I like it that way because quite frankly, I am way to out of shape to do all of that crap on one rail hit LOL. Plus the picnic table is on the other side of the cable and I refuse to make that walk of shame because it is wayyyy to far and hurts your feet, and I have seen 3 water moccasins on the stairs.
Riley, I think it actually might have been you that grabbed my board once out of the water when i fell on the inside kicker and a snake swam
on top of my board wasn't it? I nearly had a heart attack and left my board in the middle of the lake with the snake just chilling on it. Ended up being a python :). Surely didn't look like that when it was swimming towards me.

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