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krbaugh 06-02-2010 5:10 PM

Wakedocs Centurion wrap
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UNvisible 06-02-2010 5:13 PM

not my bag at all, but i appreciate the effort.

burban89 06-02-2010 6:40 PM

I like it bad azz!

mc_x15 06-03-2010 5:12 AM

Damn, that is nice.

tyler97217 06-03-2010 6:33 AM

Would like to see some pics with the bimini open. I bet that would really set that bad boy off.

petrey10 06-03-2010 7:25 AM

its... interesting

tonyv420 06-03-2010 8:45 AM


rebelman10 06-03-2010 8:46 AM

Stick with tatoos and not deface a good boat!

1niceharley 06-03-2010 11:08 AM

If it is anything like their old boat, Pics don't do it justice, In person is SO much better. I hope to see this one in person one day.
Sweet Ride!

05mobiuslsv 06-03-2010 12:34 PM

I hope you're right about that Troy.

hatepain 06-03-2010 12:45 PM

Its, uuuh different. I appreciate the art that went into it but just not feeling it at all. Looks to be designed to grab major attention for advertising and that will most certainly be accomplished.

sandm01 06-04-2010 12:16 PM

looks ok. not my bag, but I can appreciate the amount of work that went into the design..
I agree with the post above. too much advertising.

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