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chasenm 06-01-2010 8:23 PM

Boat problems, need help troubleshooting
Hey guys, my boat engine is a Ford 351 DD with the Holley Carb. Anyway, I took it out to the lake this weekend for the third time this year, the first two times I didn't have any problems but it sat about a month since the last time I went. It started fine, I put it in neutral and warmed it up and it sounded perfect. As soon as I put it in gear and put a load on the engine it wouldn't go above 2500 RPMs or so. It sounded like it was trying to but it would never get there but it only did this when there was a load on it, and it smelled really rich. Any ideas where to start? I'm thinking carb but i've heard it may be the ignition or gas? Any ideas would be great, thanks!

chris4x4gill2 06-02-2010 5:18 AM

first thing I would do is make sure your getting fire to all cylinders.

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