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blaine4oh5 06-01-2010 9:57 AM

2003 Mobius LSV
i just bought the boat this weekend and got it out on the lake and i was a little confused. I guess i didnt really pay that much attention to it when before i bought it but there is two mph gauges on the dash. Does anybody know why this is? And it sucks cause i dont know which one to look at cause there both off. Ive been pulling people at what it says is 27 but that doesnt seem right to me. if any one can give me some input that would be awesome. But if not its cool, im still having a awesome time with the boat.

99_slaunch 06-01-2010 10:23 AM

There should be two adjust knobs( silver or black) for the mph. Take a gps with you next time so you can calibrate the mph. Mine is beside my right knee under the dash.

bill_airjunky 06-01-2010 10:37 AM

Like Aaron said, get yourself a GPS & calibrate your speedos. This is a normal thing on inboards. Usually only needs to be done once in a while.

There are 2 speedos because the pitot tubes on the stern can get clogged with sticks or weeds. A quick shot in reverse, from a stand still, will usually clear them out. Or Skidim.com has better quality pitot tubes that clear themselves out more easily.

mmobius2001 06-02-2010 9:54 PM

i think i remember in my 2004 i had 3k RPM was around 30mph.... you could just set both to that..... just so they will be both on point

blaine4oh5 06-03-2010 8:33 AM

alright i might try that. thanks guys

stang_killa_ss 06-03-2010 12:20 PM

hmm my 03 LSV has only one MPH and one tach.
if you dont have a GPS i cant get you some speed vs rpm #s.
of course trim plate, weight, people etc will all throw this off. GPS is the best way.

blaine4oh5 06-03-2010 12:47 PM

really? Thats wierd. On the moomba website it says the lsv came with dual speedos that year. But thanks for the input. Ill probaby have to go buy or borrow someones gps now.

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