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2006maliblue 05-31-2010 8:54 PM

Tahoe sunk at Anderson Lake today!
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No not a Tahoe boat, a Tahoe car!

Not sure how he managed to launch his car but he did. From the accounts of everyone on the lauch ramp it was floating away literaly and people were trying to hook a rope up to it to drag it back to the ramp and the owner of the vehicle who was on a jetski he was trying to load on the trailer yelled my engine is running jumped off the jetski and opened the door to shut the engine off! Needless to say it sunk immediatly!

Moral of story don't launch your car in the water and if you do and its floating don't open the doors you'll break the seal and your car well sink!

Attached a picture of the towtruck pulling it up the ramp after the divers located it and hooked up to it. Needless to say the ramp was a mess today for 3 hours!

jdoggy_73 05-31-2010 9:40 PM

I can see another "priceless" or "carfax" commercial for this idiot. One driver and 3 vehicles... no wonder it takes people so frickin' long to load. I wonder if his Tahoe will pass the mussel's inspection next time around. ;-)

wake_upppp 05-31-2010 9:41 PM


ixfe 05-31-2010 9:58 PM

Well... that's one way to burn $50k.

cavlxenvy 05-31-2010 11:31 PM

insert jet ski owners joke here.

mmobius2001 06-01-2010 12:18 AM

small hijack:

while were on this topic, and jeff talking about people taking forever at the launch. OMG the other day these people and their older "70-80s" nautique took literally 20-25min to launch their boat, lolly gagging around, they pull it in the water, the dude sits there and messes w/ the winch forever, then they put it in, the girlfriend just stands there in the way of my trailer so i cant back down the launch and messes around for longer, till i finally started backing down to get her to move her ass.

it should take no longer than 5min unless a problem occurs. (for me last year my strap broke, i had to cut it w/ knife and tie a new knot) took me 10min total still

t0nyv831 06-01-2010 9:22 AM

I was out there yesterday and they had Santa Clara County Sheriff coordinating launching and retrieval at the ramp. Missed the Taho sinking ordeal, but did notice the extra Po Po on the ramp. We cut around 230 or so. Gotta love the official start of 10 summer boating season...or not...:rolleyes:

bcrider 06-01-2010 9:57 AM

That's why I love having a WS-420...I just start yelling at people to hurry the he!! up.

I can understand some people don't really know what they are doing or you have the family out where the dad has to do absolutely everything but it just doesn't need to be. First thing I did was teach the people in my crew to back the truck up with trailer. I even have put my fiancee through the paces to teach her how to back a trailer. One day I will get her on the boat to learn that part of it. There is no way I will ever be "that guy". Sometimes at our local lake we will split the middle ( cause you can go 3 wide but people don't) or I have even cut in front of people I get so frustrated. Our ramps aren't that steep so we already have the bow hook disconnected so the driver doesn't even have to get out of the truck. They try and get mad at us but when we have the process down to under a minute they can't help but just shut up!

wake_daddy 06-01-2010 9:59 AM

Yeap, time to avoid Anderson on weekends. LOL! Time for the summer weekday board meetings!!

hatepain 06-01-2010 10:06 AM

Glass half full...it looks really clean now :)

bill_airjunky 06-01-2010 10:12 AM

Geez, makes ya think that HOAs with shared waterfront isn't such a bad thing after all.

I put the boat in on our beach, lolly gag for 20 or 30 min. Put the paddleboard in, paddled around a bit, have a beer, put the boat in the slip, cover it, etc.. Then get around to moving the truck & trailer.

We used to split the middle at the Sammamish ramp on a busy day too. Used to piss people off...... then we would drive off because we were done.

alans 06-01-2010 2:35 PM

Haha, yep. If I am going out riding late on a weeknight, I will sometimes leave my trailer in the water and car on the ramp. Have about 150 people in my HOA and only 4 boats.

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