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wakemitch 05-31-2010 8:17 PM

Memorial Weekend
How was everyone's Memorial Day Weekend?

I usually try to avoid the lakes on big weekends because of how crazy it gets, but i ended up going out to berryessa sunday with my family and than today with my bosses family again to berryessa. I was so surprised with how few boats were on the lake. the parking lots were empty as well. so crazy. berryessa usually gets packed too.

we did a lot of surfing both days. I spent yesterday riding a Calibrated and WOW that board is sick. its so fast and feels great. i was able to get my first 360 on it yesterday. i had to return it to Mike last night but i have one on order now. cant wait!
Today i was back on the black pearl yellow. Last year when i rode it for the first time I thought it was the best thing ever. it was so much faster and smoother than the compression molded decks i had ridden in the past. but today after riding the Calibrated it felt so slow, haha. going back to the pin tail felt weird. i dont know why more companies dont use a swallow tails on their skims like Calibrated. I got three more 360s today though.

I am so stoked on wakesurfing.

wofrankwo 05-31-2010 8:47 PM

we got out all 3 days ....... our wake is so dialed in right now ........ chris is doing 360s, stall 360s at will and trying ally oops ( i think thats what its called ), hes actually getting some real nice air about every 4th jump ....... laura got out today only one time and she was turning 360s but not surfing them out ...... i am getting closer to a 360 but it seeems to entertain everyone in the boat more then im getting close to landing one ....... had a boat load of 8 today was alot of fun ...... real nice to see the sun shine!!

wakemitch 05-31-2010 8:56 PM

Chris is blowing up! I've got to see this.

NuBu 06-01-2010 7:14 AM

Memorial weekend was great, crowded but we were able to get some good rides in, I have to tell you guys that surfing is quickly becoming my favorite thing to do. I just started this year when we bought a boat that can throw good wake but I am in love with the sport. So much to learn though. I will take any advice or guidance you guys have to offer. I am totally hooked on surfing! I can ride without the rope and I can kind of go up and down the wave (sorry I haven't learned the right terms yet, too busy having fun) and now I'm ready for some tricks. I think I wnt to do a 360 but don't know how to start or if my board will do it.

beryessaboarder 06-01-2010 12:16 PM

We went out to Camp Far west sunday. Pretty crowded. We mostly just hung and got a little surfing in at the end of the day. Left the lake and found a cool bonfire party on the way out. Go to drive home and truck starts overheating (think thermostat seized closed)....Had to stop on the side of the highway 3-4 time to keep adding water to it. Finally got into lincoln. Left the boat and the truck at my buddies dads house and got a ride home. Had to deal with getting the boat home yesterday. Overall good weekend. Coud have been worse right?.

madchild1 06-01-2010 1:28 PM

went out on the lower colorado, did absolutely no boarding, surfing, or tubing, just drinking. hell yeah.

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