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xstarrider 05-31-2010 3:42 PM

2010 Slingshot Reflex 141 My Review
Couldn't find much info on the new 2010 shape when I was looking so figured I would post up my review for those interested. I am an avg rider. Backroll, Tantrum, Toeside Back, toeside front, scarecrow, hoochies, and some floaty Oa 1's. Trying to dial in the 3's.................just for some background. Ride a 2000 Xstar with about 2200lbs at 24.5 mph at 80ft

I was skeptical about the turned up rails making the board way to loose for the boat. However on edge this thing holds great and releases clean of the wake. The Response is actually a little a looser ride in my opinion.
The board is just as fast as the Respose only with the hybrid rocker it kicks like a perfect in between. The consistancy of the Continous and the buck of a 3-stage. I for one love the board for sure. Ditched my Response immediately.

Landings...well like all the Slingy's are nice and soft.

I don't reallly know why Slingshot markets the board as a cable/slider board. In my opinion its one of the most fun boards I have aver been on behid theboat.. Just my opinions in case anyone was considering thenew shape. I love it. Just wish they had osme new bindings to mount on it as my PB's are getting worn.

wake_eater 05-31-2010 6:28 PM

i'm riding a reflex now. last year i rode a response & the year before that, a recoil. imo, the reflex is the perfect blend of the two. faster than recoil, not quite as fast as the response. i'm a huge slingshot fan. i'm 36 with sketchy knees & the flex allows me to still take stuff to the flats. u should def try a flex board if u have knee issues. plus they're fun as hell to ride.

tinytdubb 05-31-2010 7:32 PM

Good to know. I've been thinking about getting a reflex. I'm on a response right now and I love it but I want some more verticle pop. I'm just waiting for the price to come down a bit. Ya that's right, I'm a tight wad.

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