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chilidog 05-31-2010 12:27 PM

Vibration came and went....
OUt on the Dirty on Sunday, we pulled to the side on old river because a rider was down in the middle, three boats coming from the other way, general delta memorial weekend chaos. So i was over near the weeds just idling by, once they got the rider up I throttled up and had crazy vibration over 2ooorpm and boat really didn't want to go faster than 2500. So I stopped put her in neutral clicked into reverse for a few seconds and then back to forward and everything was fine for the rest of the day.

We thought maybe I got some weeds around the strut or prop. My question is other than a visual check of the prop and strut which look fine is there anything else I can check to see if damage was done?? I've never had this happen before, I could equate it to 4 wheeling and hearing a loud pop, my wallet shivered.


mikeski 05-31-2010 2:12 PM

It's happens to me very often running in the delta. The weeds will wrap around the prop. I usually just stop and bump reverse then watch a clump of junk float to the surface as I idle away with a smooth running boat.

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