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08-10-2003 10:32 PM

Hey, First of all, I have just started trying to do whirlybirds, I try to really snap my head around, but it only seems to start rotating just as I am about to land, so I only make it to about 120 degrees, not even 180. I think I might not square up to the wake enough. any tips, if anyone has had this problem before, and how long it took them to fix it? Also, I was wondering what the name of a heelside backroll, with an overhead 360 would be called. It would almost be like a whirly bird, only with a backroll. I have a friend who almost landed one of these. <BR>

kristian 08-10-2003 10:46 PM

Well what I've been told about whirly's, start off just like a big tantrum and then pull/swing your front elbow to he oposite ear really fast (if goofy, right elbow to left ear). So your arm comes across your face. <BR>

mvda 08-11-2003 7:47 AM

Steve, Kristian is right. You really have to lead with handle by throwing that front elbow across your face. <BR> <BR>As for the name of the trick, I was trying something like what you're explaining, but it was a roll to revert with an overhead 3, so it actually made it a 5. I don't think there is a name unless you just considered it to be a very off-axis ole.

08-14-2003 4:36 AM

So if I understand well how to through a whirly is taking an nice and hard cut in a similar way as a trantrum and immediatly after poping out off the wake start to throught rapidly my front elbow around my head. is that right? <BR> <BR>Or does throught my elbow sould be anticipate a bit just before poping off the wake? <BR> <BR>What is risky in that trick ?

mvda 08-14-2003 7:43 AM

Do not anticipate, just take the tantrum up. Put the handle over head and throw your elbow across your face.

08-27-2003 12:12 PM

MVDA's right..Tantrum approach...then, think of it like a spin (as far as timing is concerned) if you try and pull that handle across your face off the wake you won't get pop nor rotation.....think up..wait....pull that handle.... and commit...it will go so fast you will surprise yourself.

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