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wake26 05-29-2010 10:23 PM

bad vibration????
I have had the boat out three times this year and have had no problems, went out today and got just out of the no wake zone got the boat up to 23mph and the best as I can describe is it felt like something slipped and I started to get a very bad vibration in the boat really bad in the stering wheel so we turned around and put it right back on the trailer. My first thought was that maybe the prop nut backed off and the prop was loose because at fist that is what it felt like was that I had a bent prop but that was not it, double checked all the fluids and they we all good nothig seemed out of place until I grabed the rudder it seem like it has a lot of play in it. I can move it side to side about 1/2 inch. (not turning it just moving it back and forth)Is this normal should I have any play in the rudder and how do you tighten it back up?

99_slaunch 05-30-2010 6:52 AM

There is a large nut in side the boat for the rudder. Thats a lot of play.

h20king 05-30-2010 7:12 AM

the older rudders use a wax packing and have an adjustable nut similar to the one on the shaft.the rudder should only have a 1/16" deflection max

floatingguru 05-30-2010 11:03 AM

Normally a vibration at speed means one of a few things: A. the prop is bent. B. the prop is loose. C. the shaft may be bent. Do you remember the last time you beached the boat? Maybe there was something under the water that the boat bounced on. How about the last time you trailered the boat? If the trailer was too deep it may have floated over and bent either the shaft or the prop.

If all else has not happened, then check your motor mounts. Look closely at the stains under the mounts. If they line up with the original positions: you are fine. If you see they have moved, then there is no way that your shaft is straight and you need to have a certified tech to take a look at it and maybe make adjustments and reposition the motor and shaft.

Hope that helps.

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wake26 05-30-2010 11:55 AM

I checked everything nothing seems out of place I did not check the motor mounts I will check those next. I never beach the boat and I haven't hit the trailer so I don't think it is the prop or the shaft. I was under power when I felt something was wrong my first thought was that the prop slipped back but when I pulled it out the prop had not moved.

thesack 06-01-2010 8:20 AM

It could have been something as simple as a stick getting stuck on your prop that fell off on the way back to the dock.

If you have a spare prop I would swap it for the one on your boat. Just because your prop doesn't look bent or have noticable damage to it doesn't mean that it isn't out of balance. You have to remember that we are running are boats in water that has particles floating in it. These particles wear down the blades of the prop over time, typically evenly but sometimes it will cause uneven wear and cause your prop to be unbalanced. Which would cause a vibration.

Also check your coupling and shaft packing.

wake26 06-01-2010 8:44 AM

must have run something over and got it stuck in the prop and kicked it off by the time that I got it back to the trailer. was able to get the boat back in the water yesterday and all was good. thanks for all the help.

olmoomba 06-02-2010 10:50 AM

I said it in another thread - plastic bags. Those are the worst to stick to a prop, it'll vibrate a filling out!!!!

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