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clb 05-28-2010 8:28 PM

08 Supra Fuel Gauge
08 Supra 22 with the 340 Cat. Went out this morning and ran a few sets with what I thought was a little less than 1/4 tank left when we pulled it back on the trailer. I decided to replace the battery today and not get caught high and dry this weekend, battery was 2 + years old.

When I got back on the lake this evening, my gas gauge was pinned at E and the electronic reading was at ZERO. Ok, may be I misread the gauge, but wow that would have been close this morning.

So not wanting to take any chances on running out of gas, I get my arse back to the ramp and on the trailer. Disappointed, but call it an evening and head to the gas station to fill up, expecting a full 40 gallon fill.

For the life of me, I could not pump more than 32 gallons into that sucker. My question is this ... would replacing the battery, "reset" my fuel gauge somehow? It is as full as I can get it right now and will check the level in the morning, when I get back on the water.

Any thoughts. I have a great dealer here in Dallas, but since it was a holiday weekend, I thought I would try here.


scottnaz 05-28-2010 8:48 PM

In my experience, the fuel gauge isn't reliable under the half tank reading, and shouldn't/can't be relied upon for an accurate reading.

you_da_man 05-29-2010 2:19 AM

I agree. In 1989 I bought a $10,995 bass boat and the fuel gauge pretty accurate. 21yrs later I now have a $50k wakeboat and the fuel gauge is off by 20%. Hell, my golf cart fuel gauge is more accurate. However, indicated fuel level with the boat on the trailer vs. in the water is a pretty good difference in the Supra and Moombas. Can't say how the other manufacturers are because I have no experience with them. However, the highend boats have digital fuel gauges and/or display percentage of fuel

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