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fischris 05-28-2010 9:43 AM

2 or 4 bullets 7'7 ?
Hello all
What is the best sounding solution with my amp (Hifonics zxi9000) :
I want to stay in 4 ohms!
2 bullets hollowpoints 77 wiring 2x300W rms OR
4 bullets hollowpoints 77 wiring (each pair in series and then each group in parallel) 1x900W rms
Thanks for help

you_da_man 05-28-2010 10:11 AM

I have 2 pair of 770's but I'm using 2 JL Audio G1300 amps. I'd say 2 pair if the amp can adequately power them. Plus 4 speakers looks so much better than 2 on the tower

fischris 05-28-2010 10:33 AM

I agree with you for the look but for the sound with my amp specs in bridge mode ? http://www.audiodesign.de/downloads/...ZXi_Manual.pdf

hatepain 05-28-2010 10:49 AM

I run 4-770's with 900 watts (Boston Acoustic GT-28) pushing them and love it. I run mine at 2 Ohm's and it sounds great. In the open field environment you won't notice a difference in sound quality between 4 and 2 Oohm. The only real benefit would be your amp running more effeciently and cooler. Just an FYI I considered getting a HiFonics for my Bullets but was advised against it by a respected installer here on the boards. His thoughts were, and I agree, you're spending so much on the speakers don't skimp on a lesser amp. If you already have the amp run with it and see if you're happy with it. I started mine out on a JBL Px 300.4 (125x4) they sounded really good and were very loud but when I upgraded to the current amp it was a huge difference in sound quality.

fischris 05-28-2010 11:58 AM

By reading the all comments I certainly change my amp next year but for now what's your opinion? I want to spent time in wiring and fixing cleanly the 2 other speakers!

hatepain 05-28-2010 12:12 PM

I would run 2 pair (4 speakers) in parallel thus the amp at 2 ohm's. This would give you 250 watts to each speaker. Be sure and set the filter on high pass and cross it over around 80-120.

duffymahoney 05-28-2010 12:16 PM

Why can't you set the amp on full? I have mine on full and it's sounds great for wakesurfing.

shawndoggy 05-28-2010 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by duffymahoney (Post 1590794)
Why can't you set the amp on full? I have mine on full and it's sounds great for wakesurfing.

80hz on down is the domain of a subwoofer. Why make your bullets try to make that sound?

hatepain 05-28-2010 12:49 PM

Hi pass is best for the HLCD portion of your co axial it maximizes performance and sound qaulity so that its a little less harsh. Full also tends to be a little to bassy. In a wakesurf setting at lower volumes it probably does sound pretty good though.

duffymahoney 05-28-2010 10:02 PM

Hate, I might try switching it, but it sounds freaking amazing at medium-high volume and at surf length.

mlb75 06-01-2010 9:15 AM

Run two sets, with a pair to each channel, like was mentioned above set it to HP and the speakers will be happier. One nice thing about those amps is they're not picky, I've had JL and Boston as well and the others may be a little more efficient but the difference in sound quality was marginal and the hifonics have never cut out on me. My GT28 sounded great but only lasted a little over one season before the moisture killed it...

fischris 06-01-2010 11:20 AM

Ok for 2 sets. But what do you prefer mono at 4ohms or stereo at 2ohms ? (sounding and amp durability)

david_e_m 06-01-2010 12:21 PM

Here's why you should not run any tower speaker fullrange.

When you place the midbass driver in a small pod (.1 to 1.5 cu. ft. on average) the resonance becomes much higher and the speaker will actually begin to roll-off somewhere between 100 to 200 Hz. Its impossible to compress and rarify the rigid air mass in a tiny pod past a certain point. And, it takes an inordinate amount of power, not to mention placing the speaker under extreme mechanical and electrical stress, to try and drive a speaker below that bandwidth in which the speaker operates efficienctly. Also, as the resonance increases in a small pod the impedance coincidently rises resulting in less available amplifier power. In the same way the heavy mass, high compliance and high voice coil inductance of a woofer restricts it from reproducing high frequencies. Its wasteful and inefficient to dedicate power to a speaker in a bandwidth it can't contribute.

I can easily spot a system that is improperly tuned and therefore inefficient. The waste and compression is obvious.

So never crossover a tower speaker below the bandwidth that it comfortably reproduces. The unecessary power and excursion don't translate to audible benefits.

Crossed-over correctly, the speaker will be more dynamic, cleaner and project farther.

Larger tower speakers (Pro485 for example can highpass as low as 80 Hz. Smaller tower speakers may crossover as high as 125 Hz.

Don't always trust the nomenclature on the amplifier chassis. Some mistrack by as much as an octave. Each system should be set individually by ear and a few visual cues (excursion).

Earmark Marine

mlb75 06-01-2010 2:46 PM

I run it stereo 2 ohm per channel but that's just what works for me

BTW appreciate the detailed replies david I wish I was closer to you guys

duffymahoney 06-01-2010 2:50 PM

All right I will switch my amp to high pass and put the crossover between 80-125.


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