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greenbass86 05-27-2010 5:48 PM

Out of the Pond
I just saw an add for a film by billabong called "Out of the Pond" it says its a wake boarding movie, anyone got any opinions on if its any good or not?

wakeandsnow27 05-27-2010 5:52 PM

it's decent... it was on itunes a while back for $4.99 (still is actually)... so I bought it.

andy_nintzel 05-27-2010 6:12 PM

Yeah its okay. I really think the best movie of the year is the Park Doc.

wake77 05-27-2010 6:26 PM

Andy....agreed on Parks Doc.

But I felt that Out of the Pond was better than okay. I would definitely recommend it.

dirwoody 05-27-2010 6:26 PM

I have it on my ipod, pretty decent, worth $5 for sure

sidekicknicholas 05-27-2010 6:27 PM

If you want just pure wakeboarding - Out of the Pond or Rewritten

if you want a story/wakeboarding/history lesson - Parks Doc

behindtheboat 05-27-2010 6:38 PM

If you have an Ipod, and especially if you travel, get it off I tunes! Has made many a flights more enjoyable! Then it's on your computer, which you probably look at more than your TV nowadays.

greenbass86 05-27-2010 6:42 PM

I'll probably check all of these out tonight when I get off work. Any other suggestions for a good wake boarding video?

wake77 05-27-2010 7:03 PM

Transgression, Drive, Push Process, Counterfeit This, 12 Honkeys, Natural Born Thrillaz, Global Warning, The Truth, Spray

I know I have left many great ones off this list, but these are my favs.

greenbass86 05-27-2010 7:14 PM

sweet, seems like I am going to have plenty of videos to watch when I have time to kill

lives2wake 05-27-2010 10:20 PM

Didn't it win best film last year?

waterdork88 05-28-2010 12:45 AM

Retrospect, Relentless

hyperlite 05-28-2010 6:18 AM

yeah...i wasnt too impressed with this. espically with all the hype surrounding it, just didnt live up to it.

behindtheboat 05-28-2010 6:48 AM

Epic scenery and locations with actual boats they can do real tricks on(Box of Fun is the only other one I can think of that did that), combined with each rider doing an "out of the pond" type scenario including retention ponds in amusement parks, soccer goals, a freaking Team bus, and a snow jump that would mess someone up if they landed on it wrong.... Every things got hype these days, it's marketing

cwb4me 05-28-2010 6:52 AM

i think rewritten was probably my favorite from last year!

behindtheboat 05-28-2010 6:52 AM


Everyone will have different opinions. I'd recommend getting Retrospect and Parks Doc for a history lesson, and Box of Fun, Out of the Pond, and actually My Side for some riding watching. There's also some new ones coming out soon. I would not recommend Transgression, some people will, but I'd put my money towards something more beneficial than the rain-forest that's on National Geographic channel every night. Push Process was over-hyped in my opinion

jarrod 05-28-2010 6:58 AM

Out of the pond was awesome. Love Watsons section.

I bought the Parks doc the same day. I have more respect for him now. Great movie.

05-29-2010 11:56 AM

Box of Fun!

bogartsomeday 05-29-2010 6:33 PM

never seen box of fun but i got out of the pond on my ipod/itunes. I think its a great movie regarding sick riding with diverse scenarios of riding in a film. I just bought rewritten last week, saw it for my first time and would have to say that watching everyone htting the same rail/box/setup through the whole film over and over and over again got pretty boring imo. The intro to the film was probably the best intro i've ever seen and best intro anyone could've come up with. The intro got me so pumped to see the rest of the film for sure. I just would've liked to see more diversity in the features hit by the riders. For actual great riding, great shots, good pump up to ride: I liked Out of the Pond (watsons part is my fav), Global Warning (the whole film is bada$$), Drive (Benny G's and Vandalls part is sick), Hi Light (great film of "out of the spotlight pros"), and Push Process (oakley did a great job all around). There are a lot of opinions on here for best film to buy. Parks Doc is a sick film about him, a little short i think, but it was really good. Parks Doc would not be a film i'd watch to get pumped on riding. Idk, good luck lol

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